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Every Sealy bed is hand made in Australia using materials sourced and crafted locally.

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We have had Sealy all our lives and didn’t even think about any other label. The bed envelops us and we both sleep like babies.

David L , Woy Woy

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Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite

Exclusively developed and made in Australia, Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite features the unique ReSTII® coil – true Responsive Support Technology designed to perfectly cradle and support every part of the body.

Why Sealy Fact #14

Sealy Australia employs over 750 people

Sealy Australia employs over 750 people across Australia, and has five manufacturing plants – in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne & Adelaide.

Sealy’s manufacturing philosophies combine national pride with compassion for people and their comfort. All Sealy Australia mattresses are manufactured locally and each bedding product is individually constructed with passion by these bed crafters. With five state of the art plants, Sealy employs people in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide contributing to the Australian economy. Sealy aims for top quality manufacturing processes at the same time ensuring that people remain the foundation and cornerstones of their business.

Sealy provides manufacturing jobs to Australians, having a positive impact to the economy of our country. With an increasing unemployment rate in Australia, existing manufacturing jobs are protecting many people with a stable income. Since February of 2016, more than 9,900 people have become unemployed in Australia[1] with the current rate being at its highest in four months! Given these statistics, Sealy Australia is doing its part to ensure security for their employees across Australia within the bed manufacturing industry.