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The Sealy Bed Collection

Every Sealy bed is hand made in Australia using materials sourced and crafted locally.

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We understand that choosing a new mattress can be a confusing process, with so many options available. Our Bed Selector gives you a good starting point by identifying the best Sealy bed to suit your unique needs.

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Sealy beds are available in a wide variety of stores across Australia. The best way to get a feel for your new Sealy bed is to head in store.

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Rest easy knowing your new sleep system is backed by a Sealy guarantee. You can now register your guarantee online.

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Why Sealy?

We are very happy with our Sealy Crown Jewel mattress! Definitely worth investing in a Sealy Posturepedic.


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Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel

Handcrafted to exacting standards, using the finest materials for enduring quality. Every Sealy bed is hand made in Australia using materials sourced and crafted in Australia.

With details such as hand-tufting, flag-stitched corner wrap handles, vents and moulded corner guards, the Posturepedic Crown Jewel range is functional and refined.


Why Sealy Fact #9

Handcrafted beds, custom built to Australian standards

Sealy’s reputation as Australia’s favourite mattress is founded on quality and local support. Not only are beds built to rigorous standards, they are handcrafted locally which sets Sealy apart from its competitors. While many other bedding brands are mass produced and imported, Sealy’s manufacturing facilities in Australia produce its own bed and mattress components, sourcing the raw materials locally even producing its own innersprings and fibre fills found inside the mattresses.

With over 750 employees around the country and supporting local retailers with high quality, custom bed and mattress products, Sealy is proud be Australian made and owned. Sealy beds and mattresses set the standard in quality bedding and has been for over 47 years. This is supported by the fact that Sealy continues to be Australia’s number one selling premium bedding brand.

Customers looking for a bed to suit their needs can choose a mattress from a range of comfort options, from soft pillowtops to those with a firm, more supportive feel. As testament to Sealy’s commitment to quality and support, Sealy beds are backed with a 10 year guarantee. It’s no wonder Australian’s look for a Sealy first when buying a new mattress.