Myer Jourdain Plush from Estate Collection – This has definitely been the most suitable bed for myself and my partner – plush feel – not too hard, not too soft and not too hot. As we are both rather warm bodied this was quite important. He has a bad back and I like soft - This was perfect!!!

We are very happy with our Sealy Crown Jewel mattress! Definitely worth investing in a Sealy Posturepedic. My partner suffers hip and lower back problems and is very satisfied with the support this Sealy mattress offers. We have had a soft sleep maker mattress in the past and have been very disappointed. With our Sealy mattress we are now sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the morning.

We needed to replace our bed after sleeping on a Sealy for nearly 15 years. The bed was still very good, but mattresses look so different now and we needed a new bed for the guest room, so my wife and I went shopping. We have had Sealy all our lives and didn’t even think about any other label. We bought a Renoir ultra plush from Myer because we both like a softer mattress as we are sleeping on our sides. The bed is unbelievably comfy, it just envelops us and we both sleep like babies. It has been a fantastic purchase and I don’t think I’ll wait for another 15 years to buy the next one. I was happy to recommend it to friends who are also looking for new bed.

I had forgotten the difference that a new, quality bed makes to a good night's sleep. Although it felt firm the first night the support and comfort subsequently has been amazing. After a couple of weeks I couldn't be happier. I can highly recommend (Sealy Posturepedic).