Sealy Bed Selector

Let's face it: finding the right mattress is difficult. To make your decision easier, use our Bed Selector and we'll help you determine what's most important to you when it comes to getting a comfortable night's sleep.


Who is going to sleep in this bed?


One Person


You & Your Partner


It's for a child


Two people plus kids or pets

Aches & Pain

Do you or your partner suffer from aches and pains?


No aches and pains


Minor aches and pains


Issues with neck or back


Don't know


What is your favourite sleeping position?


Mostly sleep on side


Mostly sleep on front


Mostly sleep on back


Toss and turn throughout the night


What comfort feel do you prefer in your mattress?


A very soft feel - like sleeping on a cloud


A soft yet supportive feel


A conforming and supportive feel


A firm feel


How much do you value a good night's sleep?


Sleep is important to us - I want the best


I want quality sleep at a reasonable price


I value good sleep but am on a budget


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