Sealy Singles Range.
Sealy Prestige

Your single best choice for children and young teens.

Sealy Singles

  • Designed to suit children's growing bodies
  • PostureTech coil for even weight distribution

The components listed below are included in most, but not all, Sealy Singles.

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  • Comfort Built

    Comfort Built : Sealy's durable construction for single-sided mattresses.

    Benefit: No need to turn the mattress over, and long-lasting durability.

  • StayTrue Comfort Layers

    StayTrue Comfort Layers : Sealy's foams and fibre are engineered to minimize body impressions over time.

    Benefit: No false loft or excessive body impressions means the bed feels better, longer.

  • Durabond Pad

    Durabond Pad: A felt insulator pad that is directly above the innerspring

    Benefit: Assist with an even transition from the comfort layers to the support system


  • PostureTech Innerspring

    PostureTech Innerspring: Sense & Respond innerspring senses the body's weight and responds with increasing support.

    Benefit: Promotes even weight distribution and a great night's sleep.

  • EdgeGuard

    EdgeGuard: Firm extruded foam inserted between coils to provide additional edge support.

    Benefit: Provides a firm seating edge and a stable feel.


  • PermaGrid Foundation

    PermaGrid Foundation: A stable foundation with steel modules.

    Benefit: Minimises partner disturbance and adds durability.

  • 10 Year Guarantee

    10 Year Guarantee: Sealy's 10 year guarantee protects against manufacturing faults.

    Benefit: When you buy Sealy, you can sleep easy.

Sealy PosturePremier

Suitable for us on slat and platform bases.


Sealy makes Single beds in three standard sizes:

Size Dimensions (width x length in mm)* Suitable for
Single 915 x 1900 Ideal for children and young students
Single XL 915 x 2030 Single sleepers, confined sleeping spaces
King Single 1055 x 2030 Growing children, mature single sleepers

* All sizes are nominal


  • Sealy Single size Single ensemble retail pricing ranges from $499 to $1099.
  • Retail pricing is at the discretion of the retailer and varies depending on model inclusions and retailer services.