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Our Partnership

Can you imagine what it feels like to be tackled by a 120 kg rugby player? Here at Sealy, we can. For more than two years, we’ve been on the sidelines and partnering with the Queensland Reds to help their players recover when they come off the field.

Queensland Reds

Rugby is a demanding sport that requires players to go through intense physical training. Sprinting, tackling, kicking and forming scrums – the game puts the body through the wringer.

At Sealy we understand that high-endurance performers – of any kind – need to rest in order to perform to the best of their abilities. So to help our props, flankers and fullback, in 2018 we’ve proudly donated six Sealy Posturepedic mattresses for the teams’ rest and recovery room.

When a player comes off the field and needs a break, the room acts as a pit stop for them to replenish and refuel. Our mattresses in the room are of the highest of quality and provide conformance and pressure relief to the lower back, allowing a player’s tired muscles to relax and recover.

In any sport or physically exerting activity, rest and sleep is key. And we believe that our Sealy mattresses are the best match for a tired body.

Want to know more about the Queensland Reds? Go here to find out more.

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