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Your Guests are Important

Experts in Hospitality

Sealy has partnered with the leaders of the Australian accommodation industry for over forty years. We know that choosing the right mattress for your guests is paramount to your success – because a quality sleep experience is what makes a stay away from home special and will keep guests coming back.

  •  Sealy can provide the right combination of the best support and comfort for your guests and the best match for your business. Choose from Sealy's extensive range and you will find the right solution that best meets both your requirements and budget.
  •  You can be assured Sealy is there for you – our service doesn't end with the sale. Working with you we will develop a tailored delivery solution and provide great personal service.
  •  All across Australia we can come to you to formulate the right solution for your needs. With a professional team in each state of mainland Australia we're as close as a phone call or email away.
  •  Our deep commitment to Australian Made products ensures Sealy lead times are short and flexible.

Brand Performace

Sealy is Australia's number one bedding brand, known and trusted for quality and support. Over six times more people say they would choose a Sealy than any other brand*.
Quantum Market Research, *Australian Bedding Tracking Report, March 2013

  • 39% of consumers mention Sealy without being prompted when asked what bedding brand they know.
  • 46% say they are likely to buy a Sealy. The next brand was preferred by only 4% of consumers.

Sealy is a respected global brand, setting the standard for quality and innovation around the world.

This high brand awareness and consumer preference can work for you: People know and trust Sealy for a good night's sleep.

Industry Associations

As partners of the Australian Accommodation Industry, Sealy has proudly supported the peak industry body by sponsoring the annual HM Awards since 2009.

The Sealy commercial range is ranked for Quality by AAA Tourism's National STAR Rating Standards & Guidelines. So you can rest easy.

Sealy Cares

Sealy of Australia is proud to manufacture quality mattresses while pursuing practices that reduce our impact on the environment. Our commitment includes reducing carbon emissions through responsible sourcing of raw materials, recycling of components, fabrics, and fibres to minimise waste, and the ethical disposal of non-recyclable products.

You can sleep better knowing that Sealy cares for our future.

Research & Development

Sealy's passion for harnessing breakthrough technologies to achieve the best in Sleep Wellness has produced a heritage of superiority in sleep system design and manufacturing practices. Sealy's industry-leading Research & Development team has produced the most product patents in the bedding industry.

The multi-purpose Sealy Research & Development Center focuses on sleep system product innovation, design, material development, testing, and quality assurance, with state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to test bedding quality. Sealy has devised exclusive procedures and invented or acquired equipment to research and test everything related to sleep systems.

Sleep System Performance Tests

With the heavy use to which hospitality sleep systems are subjected, it is important to predict how well a mattress and foundation will perform. In order to determine if sleep systems can withstand the rigors of hotel usage, as well as to truly evaluate the relative performance of competitive bedding products, hospitality sleep systems should be evaluated by four standard tests.

Sleep systems should be tested as a complete unit (mattress and foundation together) and should meet or exceed the following minimum requirements:

  • Repetitive Impact Durability Test (Cornell) This test was specifically designed to test mattresses for hotel use. It is used to evaluate mattress durability by measuring load deflection (measure of support capability) and surface indentations (dimples).
  • Load Deflection Analyzer This instrument measures the force required to penetrate a product at any given distance. This provides an objective measure of the support properties of the product or product component.
  • Impact Drop Tester This repetitively drops a 175 lb. weight from a height of 7" to test box spring integrity and simulate the abuse that jumping on a mattress causes. Set or permanent deformation is measured at different drop sites.
  • ASTM Hexagonal Roller Test (Rollator) This test uses a 240 lb. roller to predict product durability over extended usage.

All Sealy Commercial bedding specifications must pass these stringent tests, before we offer that model for sale.

Durability & Product Integrity

Sealy has a long history of innovative product development, with numerous unique patented technologies at the core of our products. With stringent testing requirements and continuous research, our sleep system innovations continue to this day.

Beds that your guests will love

Sealy beds are specially developed to help people sleep more soundly, stay after stay.

Sealy beds are designed to reduce partner disturbance – with pressure-relieving comfort layers that minimise movement from tossing and turning, and provide orthopaedically correct support. Providing your guests with a quality sleep experience that will keep them coming back.

Long lasting satisfaction

The performance of every component in a Sealy sleep system is rigorously tested to meet and exceed commercial requirements. So you can have peace of mind and confidence in the quality Sealy stands for, while ensuring your investment endures the test of time.  The Sealy R&D centre is a  NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) accredited testing facility, to comply with Australian Standards.

Proudly Australian Made

Sealy of Australia is wholly Australian owned with a deep commitment to manufacturing our products locally. Sealy beds are hand crafted in one of five Australian manufacturing centres, and components are Australian-sourced whenever possible.

Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored and conforms to Australian standards, with safety and environmental regulations adhered to.

Manufacturing locally also means that we can be flexible and responsive to your delivery requirements.

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