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King Bed Mattress

King size mattresses are the biggest in the Sealy range, measuring 1835mm wide and 2030mm long. Getting into a King size bed is ideal for couples who like a little more space or who have little ones who join them in bed. A King mattress is a great investment.

1835mm x 2030mm

When size matters

King size mattresses are the same length as Queen size mattresses, but are an extra 30 centimeters wide, which can make a lot of difference if you like your space when sleeping. If you have young kids that sneak into the bed at night for a cuddle, the King gives you plenty of room to roll over and still get a good night's sleep. Or if you really, really like to spread out or feel like pampered royalty, it offers an unrivalled stretching space for the single sleeper.

More peaceful sleep

If space in your bedroom isn’t an issue, nothing beats a King size mattress. As a King Size mattress sits on two separate bases, , you can get in and out of a King bed with less partner disturbance than the other mattress sizes It’s ideal for shift workers, restless sleepers and early risers. The extra space helps to eliminate some of the partner disturbances made during the night – giving you all a better night’s sleep.

For the starfish sleepers

Let's face it, some of us like to spread out when sleeping. It could be subconscious, or it could be that we are cramped in an office all day, but stretching out at night just comes naturally to some. With a King size mattress, you and your partner can both enjoy your space.

Pop into one of our stockists’ stores today to try a King size mattress. It’s a great way to work out whether it’s right for you – and you’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy!

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