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Single & Single XL Mattresses

Single and Single XL mattresses are ideal for growing bodies and tight spaces. The smallest in the Sealy range, these mattresses give you enough room for a great night's sleep, but don’t take up too much floor space.

Single size for small spaces

At 915mm across and nearly two metres long (1900mm), single mattresses are wide enough for a comfortable sleep, narrow enough to fit into any bedroom, and long enough for most adults. Young kids, students and people with limited space tend to choose the Single mattress size.

915mm x 1900mm

Super-sized Single XL

If you're a parent, you'll know that kids can grow out of clothes within a few months. Make sure they don’t grow out of their mattress by upsizing to a Single XL. Given that mattresses can last for up to a decade, this is a great option if you think your kids are going to grow on the tall side. The Single XL mattress is the same width as the Single but slightly longer at 2030mm.

Wide or narrow?

Did you know that one person sleeping on a 915mm-wide Single mattress will have almost as much space as two people in a King bed? There’s plenty of width there, yet it’s obviously narrow enough to fit in smaller bedrooms. If you're someone who likes to spread out when you sleep, you could consider a wider mattress like a King Single (1065mm wide) or a Double (1385mm wide). It ultimately comes down to what’s comfortable for you.

Pop into one of our stockists’ stores today to try a Single or Single XL size mattress. It’s a great way to work out whether it’s right for you – and you’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy.

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