Clearly A Sealy

Celebrating 50 years of...

Posturepedic Technology

Our patented sleep system which senses and responds to your body

Continuous Innovation

50 years of continued innovation to ensure a superior sleep experience

Australian Made

Quality manufacturing with the finest Australian-sourced materials

Orthopaedic Research

Posturepedic technology is backed by orthopaedic surgeons

Made possible by our people

Watch their story

Take a trip down memory lane...

Sealy Posturepedic has been a part of Australian’s lives through generations, follow the evolution through the decades and see if you remember any of these golden Sealy moments.

“Sealy Really”

“Wake up Australia”

From 1969

And now, today...

Launched in Australia in 1969, Sealy Posturepedic has become a household name that has been dedicated to making the finest mattresses for 50 years.

Changing the way people think about sleep using orthopaedic design criteria, creating a sleep system designed to maintain your body’s natural alignment.

From the top down, we have the highest commitment to research and innovation in the industry, with each mattress prototype relentlessly tested for over 8000 hours.

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