Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to your mattress when you throw it away? At Sealy, we do. We are proud to be a founding partner of Soft Landing to help recycle Australia’s end-of-life mattresses.

Soft Landing Mattress Recycling is a not-for-profit organisation that takes leftover mattresses and recycles them into new products. Since its inception in 2017, the altruistic company has been coming up with creative ways to repurpose up to 75 percent of the materials found in your beds. The steel springs get turned into steel roofs, the timber frames are turned into mulch and the mattress foam is turned into carpet underlays.

Textile and industrial waste is an increasing problem in many countries, as the production and consumption of consumer goods continue to rise. It’s currently estimated that only 20 percent of mattresses are being recycled around the world, the remaining 80 percent typically end up in landfills, or worse – in our national parks and even our waterways.

Here at Sealy, we want to help take responsibility for the recycling of mattresses to safeguard the future of our planet and reduce our environmental footprint. Recycling mattresses leads to reduced landfill, reduced energy and water usage and lower C02 emissions. And of course, when it’s time for you to get rid of your mattress, you get peace of mind that your mattress will be revived!

Got an old mattress that you are ready to get rid of? Simply book an appointment with Soft Landing to have your mattress collected. Click here to find an eligible retailer near you!

Recycle your old mattress and help save the planet!

Soft Landing is a national social enterprise operating across NSW, ACT, VIC and WA, diverting waste mattresses from landfill and recovering the components to recycle. Soft Landing also offers jobs and training for local people who have experienced barriers to gaining lasting employment.