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6 pieces of advice for tired Mums

Once your child is out of nappies, sleeps through the night, and goes to school, many people think being a mum gets easier. The truth is, any mum knows that the job of being a mother never necessarily gets easier, it only changes over time.

Your child may no longer need you to watch their every step, but they still need boundaries for many years and love and guidance for the rest of their life. Ask the mum of a 5-year old, 15-year old, 25-year old, 30-year old, and even 40-year old if they still worry about their child and you will get the same answer. Of course!

For all that mothers do, they deserve the gift of better sleep. With Mother’s day right around the corner, we at Sealy believe mums deserve to be celebrated. Read on to learn helpful tips to getting a deeper, more restful slumber and how you can enter to win a luxurious Posturepedic mattress for you or a mum in your life.

1. Make sure you get a full night’s rest

You may be used to minimal amounts of sleep each night but how much should you technically be getting? In general, you need about seven to eight hours each night. You can tell that you are short on sleep if you have trouble concentrating, feel moody or depressed, accidentally fall asleep during the day, or find it hard to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, when you don’t get enough sleep, you just can’t be at your best. One way to ensure you get your hours in is to set a bedtime.

While it may sound ironic to give yourself a bedtime, as you have given your child one for years, doing so is important to get your full amount of sleep. This is especially true when you are balancing multiple schedules within your family. If you have to wake up at six, going to bed at midnight isn’t going to give you enough time asleep. Even going to bed at ten might cut your sleep short because it usually takes a little while to fall asleep. To get your full night’s rest, you would need to be winding down at nine thirty. Ideally, you’ll want to set your bedtime for at least eight and a half hours before you have to wake up.

2. Set healthy boundaries

Mums want to do the best they can for their kids, and sometimes this can lead to them overextending themselves. When this happens, you can end up stressed and deprived of your much-needed rest. For example, say you have had a long week both at work and running your kids around to all of their activities. You need to spend the weekend resting, relaxing, and catching up on sleep. Then, your child asks and begs to have friends sleep over. Any mum knows a sleepover means no one is doing much sleeping. So when you already need some rest, draw the line and schedule it for another weekend. Making healthy boundaries ensures you can give your best in a balanced and sustainable way.

3. Cut out caffeine and alcohol 

While it can be nice to unwind with a glass of wine at night or to have an afternoon cappuccino for a pick-me-up, these beverages wreak havoc on your sleep. Alcohol and caffeine can cause you to wake up throughout the night and can keep you from reaching deep levels of sleep. So if you have a daily habit of drinking either, or both, try cutting back to a more occasional indulgence. You’ll thank yourself later!

4. Exercise 

It can be hard to find a moment to yourself let alone finding the time and energy to exercise. The truth is, exercise helps to improve the quality of sleep you experience for a number of reasons. First, your body temperature rises when working out and then drops afterward. The post-exercise temperature drop can help promote sleep. Second, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety which are common causes of insomnia. Instead of trying to fit a gym class into your jam packed schedule, here are some fitness apps that you can use to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Some fitness apps you might like to try.

One study from the scientists at Northwestern University found that participants who exercised reported that their sleep had improved, moving them from ‘poor sleepers’ to ‘good sleepers’. They also reported more vitality during the day and less sleepiness. So it’s recommended that you schedule in a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise per day.

5. Relax

It can be hard to relax as a mum when you have so much to worry about. Is your child on the right path? Are they happy? Do they have good friends? Are they going to college? These thoughts and many more can race around in your head and keep you up at night. However, there is only so much worrying that is beneficial and then it starts to be counterproductive. Learning how to relax can help you to calm any anxieties you may have. Here are a few ideas:

6. Make sure you have a high-quality mattress 

The quality of your mattress also plays an important role in how well you sleep at night and how well you feel during the day. Why? People spend about a third of their lives in bed. During that time, the skeletal system needs to be properly aligned, and pressure points need to be relieved of pressure. When a mattress doesn’t have the proper support or comfort, it can cause sleeping positions that strain your body. This can result in soreness, tossing and turning in the night, poor circulation, and lower back pain. All of these lead to less of the sound rest mums need.


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