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How to warm up your house after moving or renovating

When you first move into a new house or finish a renovation, it’s an exciting and busy time. You have a great new space but also have the task of making it into a home. Often, there is a lack of character and starkness that practically begs for someone to come in and warm it up.

This can trigger a bit of anxiety as many people find themselves wanting to get everything done right away. The problem is, there is a lot to do. Painting walls, furnishing all the rooms, buying electronics, choosing decor; the list goes on and on. You can only do so much at a time, which means you need to decide what is most important.

Not sure where to start?

Here are the first five things that should be done after a move or renovation. These are important to your health and comfort, and can quickly help to get your house feeling like home.

1. Start with a good cleaning

First thing’s first, give your new space a good cleaning. While it may be the last thing you want to do, nothing helps you feel like something is yours more than taking care of it. Even if your house was cleaned before you moved in or after the renovations were finished, it’s probably not cleaned the way you would clean it. Set aside the time to get into all the nooks and crannies and give it some real TLC.

2. Organise your belongings

Once everything is clean, assign places for all your belongings. Boxes scattered around the house are sure to make you feel unsettled. Take inventory of the storage space you have and strategise the best way to utilise it. You may want to invest in some containers or dividers. Then, follow through on your plan and put everything where it now belongs. Once finished, you can take a deep breath of relief as your house will be clutter-free and functional.

(Tip: You may want to take this time to get rid of things you no longer use!)

3. Create your sleep sanctuary

Next, is the bedroom. It is your most private personal space for resting and recharging so needs to be a top priority. The first step is investing in a bed that you can crawl into after a long day. Ensure you choose a high-quality mattress that provides the comfort you want and the orthopaedic support you need. This way you can enjoy peaceful, undisturbed nights of sleep and wake up pain-free. Beyond that, design your bedroom theme and decor so that it is a place you can retreat to and relax. Without good rest, your health and quality of life can’t be at their best, so this is of the utmost importance.

4. Customise to your tastes

After the bedroom, consider the furniture and fixtures for the rest of the house. To warm up your space, refrain from getting everything from one store or brand. It can make your home feel like a showroom. Instead, consider integrating some items from your previous home, and shop around at different stores so you can have a nice balance. Don’t be afraid to get creative and customise little details such as the knobs on a piece of furniture or a lamp shade. Add special items that bring you joy like pictures, scented candles, artwork, etc. All of this will help create a more charming, personal feel.

5. Warm up the kitchen

Finally, the kitchen. Food is an important part of daily life and being able to prepare meals at home has a way of warming the soul as it satisfies the stomach. Start by getting all the items you need for cooking from dishes and pans to knives, cutting boards, and appliances (if needed). When you have all of the basics, head to the grocery store and stock up on ingredients. Fill up your fridge and pantry and get into a routine of home cooking.

(Tip: To really break in your home, make a nice big meal and invite over your close friends and family to enjoy it with you.)

House warming after a move or renovation

The above five steps will help you get settled and feel at home after moving into a new house or finishing a renovation. Sure, you may have much more to do after these are completed, but the rest of the process will be much more enjoyable once you are getting good rest, eating well, living in an organised environment, and surrounded by things that bring you joy.

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