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How Sealy mattresses deliver a good night's rest

Sealy is synonymous across Australia with quality mattresses. And we couldn't be prouder. We want to tell you why Sealy really is a cut above the rest.

Handcrafted in Australia

Sealy mattresses are handcrafted with the utmost care in Australia. We have five state-of-the-art Australian manufacturing facilities, where 600 Australians hand craft almost 1,000 mattresses every day. The materials we use include steel that is milled in Australia and timber sourced from sustainable Australian plantations.

Durability and support

At the end of the day, the technology that goes into every Sealy mattress has one important purpose: to enable the best sleep quality for our customers. Years of research and development go into each design, which is based on the foundational principles of orthopaedic support.

Sealy's spring systems are engineered to help provide orthopaedic support and conformance, while also being durable. The two options available are the SRx®II and the ReST®II, both of which are made from titanium alloy.

Sealy mattress coilsThe SRx®II has coils with two phases; soft turns at the top and steeper turns at the base. The coils are arranged in columns and the columns are positioned in an alternating pattern which helps to reduce surface motion.

The ReST®II coil system, which can be found in the top-of-the-line Posturepedic Crown Jewel and Posturepedic Exquisite collections, has coils with three phases instead of two. The top phase is composed of a surface made from free-floating coils. Like the SRx®II, this system also positions the coils in an alternating pattern to reduce surface motion.

"The free-floating top Synerflex® surface of the ReST®II provides the initial conformance from when you first engage with the product. The next phase is the transition from the initial conformance to the deep support. The lower body of the coil provides the deep support. These elements combine to assist in providing optimal alignment for the spine, which allows muscles to relax and help with a deeper night's sleep," says Daniel Green, Research and Development Manager.Sealy mattress coils 

The Exquisite range also features a new stabiliser base that increases stability as well as the longevity of the mattress.

"The centre third of the base is strengthened by DuraFlex® XT which increases stability and distributes force from the mattress through the base, ensuring long-lasting durability," says Daniel.

Stable foundations

It may not be something you give much thought to, but edge support systems are key to stabilising the whole mattress and providing that superior Sealy support.

Sealy EdgeGuard® mattress edge support systemOur basic system, EdgeGuard®, is composed of a polyethylene beam that goes around the edge of the mattress and connects to the spring unit. It provides a firm seating edge to the bed.

Next, we have Unikey which is a more advanced system that encases all sides of the mattress and has keys that lock into the spring unit .This system increases stability and the amount of sleeping surface that is usable.Sealy Unikey mattress edge support 

Last there is the UniCased® and UniCased® XT edge support systems which go a step further by encasing the entire bottom of the mattress in addition to the sides.

"With the UniCased® XT product, you can sit or lay on the edge of the mattress without feeling like you'll roll out," says Daniel.

Both the UniCased® and the UniCased® XT system have keys that push into the innerspring, but the XT system has the addition of a channelled edge that responds to weight progressively. You can experience the UniCased® XT edge support system in the Exquisite mattress range.

The final word in a good night's sleep: Comfort

Support and durability are all lovely bedfellows, but the last word in a good night's sleep is, of course, comfort.

Sealy's comfort layers are layers of materials such as high-density foam, natural latex and gel-infused visco, configured in various ways to provide ultimate comfort. They create the 'feel' of the bed and provide conformance, especially in the lower lumbar region of the back.

"We've used premium comfort layers [in the Exquisite range] including a gel visco-infused comfort air layer. This is designed to help relieve pressure, which decreases tossing an turning at night," says Daniel.

In addition to this, the Sealy Smartex® fabric treatment up the comfort ante.

"Smartex® fabrics move heat away from the body, providing a cooler night's sleep even in warmer climates," says Daniel.

As you can see, a legacy of research and dedication is at the heart of every Sealy mattress. We want to provide Australians with quality sleep that allows them to have a better quality of life all around.

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