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Is your pillow contributing to sleep problems?

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a stiff neck or wake up tired after tossing and turning all night long?

For some, a troubled sleep can be caused by a variety of common reasons. But for others, there could be a simpler solution that's right under your nose – literally!

It turns out that your pillow has a significant role to play in the quality and duration of your nightly slumber. Thankfully, when you think about it, it only takes a relatively small, but smart, investment to get a better night's sleep.

Let's take a closer look at just how your pillow could be contributing to sleep problems and how to find one that's up for the job.

The importance of proper alignment

man waking up with sore back

When you sleep, it's important that your head, neck, back and lower lumbar region are properly supported. Mattresses that offer this support are said to have an orthopaedically correct design.

If your spine's alignment is incorrect, this may cause pain, soreness and tension. The muscles surrounding the spine may become stressed as they try to correct the alignment, resulting in that uncomfortable tossing and turning you may have experienced at night. What’s more, the spine’s natural restorative processes can be disrupted, possibly leading to further back problems.

The role of your pillow in sleeping well

You probably already know that having a quality mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, but do not underestimate the power of your pillow. It is directly supporting your head and neck, after all. So what's the best pillow for a sore neck? How do you know if yours is giving you the right level of support?

What to look for in a pillow

Choose a pillow that works with your mattress to support your head and neck by keeping them aligned with the rest of your body. Note that the right pillow for you may be different than the right pillow for your partner – it just depends on your body and sleeping position. For example,if you sleep on your side most of the time, you will need a pillow with more height than someone who mostly sleeps on their back.

man and woman in bed sleeping

How to choose your pillow

correct sleeping posture when sleeping on a mattress

When trying to find a neutral position, think about the position your head and spine are in when you are standing straight up and looking forward. No matter whether you prefer sleeping on your back or on your side, you‘ll want to be in that same neutral position. The best way to find out whether a pillow will properly support you is to test it for yourself. Hence, it’s best to shop at a pillow store that has beds where you can lie down.

When trying out pillows made from different material, you’ll notice the difference in how soft vs firm, and how responsive or non-responsive they are. For example pillows made from wool, cotton and latex provide firmer support, while down is softer, and memory foam provides more conformance. Try out each option to find the best fit for your unique needs.

Proper support means more restful nights of sleep

woman getting a restful sleep

As mentioned above, many people invest in a high-quality mattress but then overlook the importance of choosing the right pillow. For the best result, you need both.

When it comes to finding the right mattress or pillow for your needs, visit your local Sealy Posturepedic retailer and let a sleep expert help you find the right solution. You can also check out Sealy’s online mattress selection tool that recommends your ideal mattress based on your unique sleep profile.

Staying properly aligned in bed will help you attain deeper, more restful nights of sleep so you can enjoy your days with more energy and less pain. Don’t let something as simple as your pillow be the reason you can’t sleep; Sealy Posturepedic pillows are here to help.

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