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What is partner disturbance?

The sleeping arena has become a blame game of late, with the term 'partner disturbance' entering the fray. The fact is, many cases of 'partner disturbance' can be put down to the more overarching 'sleep disturbance'.

"If both you and your partner are sleeping well and moving normally, as we all move when we sleep, it is very unlikely that any movement will wake you,” says Daniel Green, Research and Development Manager at Sealy.

“However, if you or your partner are not comfortable when you are sleeping for any reason – then there can be excessive movement which can cause partner disturbance.”

To fix ‘partner disturbance’, the first thing that needs to be addressed is ‘sleep disturbance’.

Besieged and sleep-deprived partners, consider this: if you and your partner were put into different beds, would either of you be guaranteed a better night’s sleep?

The answer? No. Sure, you would be hoping for one, but there’s a high likelihood that something else would keep you awake.
Here are some factors that compromise that deep restorative sleep and cause sleep disturbance (and they have nothing to do with your significant other):

Tossing and turning

We’ve all had nights where we just can’t seem to get comfortable and we toss and turn. If this is a regular occurrence, it’s a sure sign that your mattress needs an upgrade. Tossing and turning could be a sign of poor blood flow. You keep shifting positions because your body could be trying to get everything flowing to where it should.
For example, people who sleep on their side put more pressure on a concentrated point in the hips and the shoulders, so some side sleepers prefer a softer or plusher sleep surface to ensure maximum comfort.

If you find you or your partner are constantly re-positioning yourselves in bed, the Sealy Posturepedic range has pressure relieving comfort so you can say nigh-nights to that shuffling and shifting.

Poor skeletal alignment

Waking with that dull ache in your back is not a fact of life. Without the proper supportive mattress your skeletal alignment could be compromised, which may lead to muscular tension, which in-turn leads to, you guessed it, a sore back when you wake up.
According to Daniel, correct skeletal alignment while sleeping can do more than reduce aches and pains.
“Reducing the stress and stretch on your muscles can allow you to sleep longer with a higher quality of sleep,” he says.
Our Sealy Posturepedic range has been designed upon a history of orthopedically correct support to help provide the right amount of support for your needs.


Breathing issues

Asthma and allergies can be worsened by old or poorly maintained mattresses. A big bad in this arena are dust mites. Our beds and pillows are the ideal environments for them to flourish, so it’s important to replace an old mattress or, if your mattress is relatively new, ensure you maintain it. We have some tips here on how to clean and protect your Sealy mattress.
Also, if your mattress doesn’t support your body correctly, it can also put pressure on your body which can impact airwaves. Hello snoring and its dangerous implications.

Boiling point

You may lie awake feeling volcanic-level waves of heat and think they are emanating from your partner, but it could all be in the power of your mattress. For example, a firm mattress doesn’t compress as much as a soft one, so has airflow running between the bed and body.
Whether or not you or your partner runs hot at night, it’s important to look for a mattress that has air flow, ventilation and quick evaporation.
Here are some other handy ways you can help stay cool at night and ensure a better night’s sleep.

Downright poor mattress design

Not only does a bad mattress increase your chances of suffering from any or all of the above, it’s a bad investment. Also, poor quality sleep can cause numerous side-effects including depression, lack of concentration and poorer overall performance levels both physically and mentally.
“In the modern world sleep is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives – we are getting less sleep so we need it to be more effective. And to sleep well you need a good sleep environment – a key part of this is the mattress. If it is not right or performing correctly for you then you won’t wake feeling refreshed and energised,” Daniel says.
A lack of sleep is also linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
Put simply, if you get rid of ‘sleep disturbance’ you are limiting the chances of ‘partner disturbance’. If you or your partner are in a deeper sleep, there is less likelihood of ‘partner disturbance’ and, well, any other disturbance.
And while it is by no means a cut and dry subject matter, with many other factors coming into play including medical conditions, selecting the right mattress is one of the best things you can do for you – and your partner’s – sleep.

Choose the best mattress for you and your partner using our Mattress Selector tool – it will only take a moment.

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