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Will and Karlie have different sleeping styles: Which mattress is right for them?

The Block fan favourites Will and Karlie have been keeping busy since winning the show's 2016 season. They've travelled around the world, said 'I Do' in Byron Bay and continued to renovate up a storm!

We sat down with the dynamic duo to discuss how sleep is the foundation that helps them achieve their best each day!

Will and Karlie on holidaysWere you having any issues with your sleep?

We knew straight away that our previous mattress wasn't for us. We were constantly waking up tired and lethargic from not being able to get a deep sleep, which is so important.

Will's back needed a firm mattress whereas I would much prefer a soft plush mattress, so we found choosing a mattress to be extremely difficult when two people have different sleeping styles and needs.

Have you found that your sleep has improved?

After receiving our Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite ensemble, our lives have honestly changed so much! When you think how much time you spend in bed it seems silly why people don't invest in a proper mattress.

We now look forward to going to sleep at night and dread the days we have to stay away from home. We didn't know how important a proper night's sleep is to your health and this begins with a quality mattress. Despite our different sleeping needs, our Sealy mattress is the perfect fit for the both of us, providing the comfort and support that we both need!

Are you finding you have more energy to perform your regular routine and life tasks?

Will and Karlie on holidays

Life is extremely busy for everybody and sleep is such a crucial part to maintaining a functional schedule.

We have found that since having a quality mattress, our regular routines are improving from having that much-needed sleep.

The problem now is that we are having more afternoon naps because of how comfortable the bed is!


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