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Why Sealy Fact #1

A lifetime of sleep

It’s said that the average person sleeps eight hours per night—that’s a third of their lifetime! If someone lives until they are 75, they’d spend 25 years in bed. So why would anyone want anything less than a cozy, custom made bed with the most support they can find? At Sealy, we feel it’s essential to ensure each person has the opportunity for the most restful sleep possible in order to cope with stress during the other two-thirds of their lifetime.

We take that so seriously that on an average day, Sealy Australia makes over 950 beds. And given that each mattress is individually crafted, that number is astronomical! If you do the math, that’s almost 350,000 beds per year—that's a lot of restful sleep! Our production teams are so dedicated, we don’t believe a bed is just a bed; it’s your oasis. When you’re spending up to one-third of your lifetime in it, we certainly want to guarantee peace and comfort. A true investment in a bed from Sealy is worth its weight in pillows.

Why Sealy Fact #8

A new support system every new year!

With the rapidly progressing world of science, researchers keep coming up with newer sleep solutions. Mattress technology sees the same growth and astonishing new products are often introduced to the market. Following suit, Sealy has delved into the world of mattress technology to deliver better support systems for your bed year-after-year since 2011. Our main focus is always the internal technology of a mattress; striving to produce the most relaxing combinations of different layers, experimenting with various kinds of foam, fabric, gel and springs. 

We use pressure mapping technology to develop our products according to what our customers really need and to determine which beds are best for them. We also leverage motion capture technology to help us adjust our products the way you need them. Using this technology, we have worked hard to produce our Posturepedic mattresses to support our customers’ bodies at the critical spots, aligning it with the mattress at the needed angles. We’ve also sought the help of orthopaedic experts in developing our beds, influencing the different layers of our mattresses to correspond to the needs of your body.

If you’re plagued with constant body pains, backaches or neck cramps due to bad sleeping, Sealy is bound to have a mattress to suit your back support needs.

Why Sealy Fact #3

Australia’s Favourite Mattress Brand

What goes into a Sealy Posturepedic that makes it Australia’s favourite mattress brand?

Sealy Australia blends international genius with down-under charm. Its bedding heritage spans over 50 years when “Posturepedic” was first trademarked, changing the way we slept by redefining mattress design and support. Each Sealy Posturepedic in Australia is locally made in one of five manufacturing facilities by tradespeople who build Sealy’s beds and mattresses from locally sourced products. Local manufacturing and the usage of recyclable materials and plantation timber also help minimise the carbon footprint of each bed to support environmental sustainability.

All these combined with a 10 year guarantee, makes Sealy Australia’s favourite mattress brand. 

Why Sealy Fact #5

Handcrafted beds, custom built to Australian standards

Sealy’s reputation as Australia’s favourite mattress is founded on quality and local support. Not only are our beds built to rigorous standards, they are also handcrafted locally, which sets us apart from competitors. While many other bedding brands are mass produced and imported, Sealy’s manufacturing facilities in Australia produce its own bed and mattress components, sourcing the raw materials locally—even producing its own innersprings and fibre fills found inside the mattresses. 

Customers looking for a bed to suit their needs can choose a mattress from a range of comfort options, from soft pillow tops to those with a firm, more supportive feel. Furthermore, as testament to Sealy’s commitment to quality and support, Sealy beds are backed with a 10 year guarantee. It’s no wonder Australians look for a Sealy first when buying a new mattress! 

Why Sealy Fact #4

Sealy Australia employs over 750 people - empowering the local workforce

Sealy Australia employs over 750 people across Australia, and has five manufacturing plants – in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne & Adelaide.

Sealy’s manufacturing philosophies combine national pride with compassion for people and their comfort. All Sealy Australia mattresses are manufactured locally and each bedding product is individually constructed with passion by these bed crafters. With five state of the art plants, Sealy employs people in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide contributing to the Australian economy. Sealy aims for top quality manufacturing processes at the same time ensuring that people remain the foundation and cornerstones of their business.

Sealy provides manufacturing jobs to Australians, having a positive impact to the economy of our country. With an increasing unemployment rate in Australia, existing manufacturing jobs are protecting many people with a stable income. Since February of 2016, more than 9,900 people have become unemployed in Australia[1] with the current rate being at its highest in four months! Given these statistics, Sealy Australia is doing its part to ensure security for their employees across Australia within the bed manufacturing industry.

Why Sealy Fact #10

Sealy designs beds for the environment

How does one build beds? What materials are used? What impact does it have on our already environmentally challenged world? Many know Sealy builds beds. One thing many don’t know, however, is that Sealy Australia cares deeply about sustainability and the environment just as much as we care about a restful sleep. As responsible citizens of our world, we are serious about decreasing our environmental footprint and increasing our part in a better future for our country—our world. 

Over the years, Sealy has designed their beds with materials to be 90% recyclable . Though we can’t solve all the environmental challenges the country’s facing, we certainly hope to enhance the beauty of our habitat by providing a conscientious approach to building beds. In doing this, we hope to make the world a better place, one bed at a time. So, when you rest your head on a Sealy Posturepedic, don’t fret. By getting a good night’s rest, you are also contributing to our world’s sustainability. 

Why Sealy Fact #9

Sealy Mattresses are twice tempered to fare better

Have you suffered from broken coils in your bed, or springs poking through the surface making it difficult to sleep without pain? Have no fear, Sealy’s here! Our metal coils for mattresses are heated (in a process call tempering) TWICE before the finished product is assembled to make it stronger and more resilient. With the twice-tempered support systems in Sealy mattresses, there’s no chance of broken coils or jutting springs. Furthermore, depending on your mattress range, the soft layers of gel-infused foam, memory foam and wool make sure that you don’t even notice the coils inside your bed. 

The mattress’ durability and survival chances are higher than any other in the market. Not only is it better for your bed, but also for your body. The mattress dips as you need it to, and shapes itself around your body, cushioning it comfortably with just the right amount of firmness and softness. The more weight applied to it, the more it adjusts to support you. You never need to fear a mishap with Sealy’s tough and flexible mattress support.

Why Sealy Fact #2

Sealy mattresses—from its roots in Sealy, Texas to Australia and the rest of the world

Sealy’s mattress history first began in 1881 in a small town called ‘Sealy’ in Texas, USA. A cotton farmer, Daniel Haynes had the brilliant idea of designing and manufacturing cotton-stuffed mattresses for his family, friends and associates. Overwhelmed with orders for his invention, he eventually sold the patent to Earl Edwards, who adopted the name of Sealy for the company.Sale of the mattresses was expanded throughout the United States, so successfully in fact, that the business was franchised and was able to withstand the Great Depression. In 1969, Sealy Australia started trading in Brisbane under Madad Pty Ltd. And, as they say, the rest is history! 

Sealy Australia now has 5 manufacturing plants nationally where beds and mattresses are handcrafted for the Australian market. Sealy Australia & Sealy Inc. ultimately developed a foothold in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. In 2011, Sealy China, a joint venture between Sealy Australia and Sealy Inc, opened a bed and mattress factory in Shanghai to service the Chinese market. The Sealy range of orthopaedic mattresses continue to innovate the bedding industry, balancing comfort and support for markets across the globe.

Why Sealy Fact #6

Sealy’s mattresses are developed with the help of orthopaedic surgeons to ease the common backache.

Have you had nights when you try every sleeping position possible but a good night’s sleep remains elusive? Do you still wake up with aching joints? Then it could be your mattress that is blame. You need just the right amount of firmness and softness at just the right spots to get good sleep. When you’re looking for the right bed, mattress comfort is a key concern because it determines whether your body is aligned correctly so that your muscles may relax. 

According to Dr. Wilmarth, Chief of Physical Therapy at Harvard University Health Services, one needs to make sure they’re not sleeping in ways that cause the muscles to pull or the joints to cramp. It follows that mattresses play a huge role in this through how they absorb our body weight and whether they provide a good cradle to ensure good sleep.

The Orthopaedic Advisory Board (OAB) was formed as a counsel of experts that provide insights into the development of bed and mattress products. By aiming to have a balance for proper back support and pressure relief, the OAB advises Sealy’s mattress research and development efforts to deliver the best products in the market.

Below is how the board defined the meaning of Orthopaedically Correct Design, which underpins the crafting of new and innovative products. These are:

  • The more supportive the mattress is, the more pressure points are created
  • The more pressure relief the mattress offers, the less support you get
  • To eliminate tossing and turning from uncomfortable pressure points, you need the perfect balance of proper back support and targeted pressure relief

You need a mattress that supports your body while maintaining its shape, which doesn’t sink too much while not being too firm, one that perfectly cushions your body and spells out mattress comfort. With all the range of beds available at Sealy, you’re sure to find one just right for you!

Why Sealy Fact #7

Sealy's R&D centre is NATA accredited

Trust and customer confidence—these are measures of a company’s success. How convinced are consumers about the safeness and quality of their purchase? To evaluate a company’s credibility for technical competence and quality, there is an Australian organization known as the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Having a NATA accredited testing facility means that our products have undergone standardised testing that can be internationally recognised. 

Sealy Australia’s research laboratory is accredited to comply with stringent quality standards. Their technical competence and best practices have been analyzed rigorously and stamped with official NATA endorsement. Our state-of-the-art Research Development centre was designed with a focus on bed technology to ensure we remain top of the line in safety and quality. Being NATA qualified means more than just certification; it means trust and customer confidence as Sealy continuously seeks ways to improve sleep for hundreds of thousands of people, every night. 

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