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Buy the ensemble or bed base that's right for you

Pair your new Sealy mattress with a bed base that suits your bedroom, sleep positions and lifestyle. Equipped with the latest technology, Sealy ensemble beds will deliver high performance and longer lasting quality.

Find your perfect ensemble by size

Shop bed bases and ensembles your way

In-store or online?

Visit one of the 800 retailers across Australia and try a Sealy Posturepedic today, or shop the bed base range through one of our online stockists.

The perfect partner for your mattress

Sealy mattresses are designed with a matching bed base in mind. Choose from a standard ensemble bed base, adjustable base or drawer storage option. Equipped with the latest technology, our bases deliver high performance and long lasting quality.

Find the right mattress for your ensemble

The right ensemble bed starts with the right mattress. We have a solution to help you make the right choice, from mattress size and budget considerations to comfort levels and the right support technology for your needs.

Things to ask when buying your ensemble

What is an Ensemble bed?

An ensemble bed is a mattress and a bed base. When you purchase a mattress and bed base together it is called an ensemble, making it a complete set.

What are the benefits of an ensemble bed?

One benefit of an ensemble is its design, as the mattress and base usually match. They can also be cheaper when purchased together. A compatible ensemble can prolong the life of your new mattress, as the base is designed to work with your mattress for correct support and durability.

Can you put a new mattress on an old ensemble bed?

Yes, you can use your new mattress on an old ensemble bed base. If the base is still functional and able to provide the same support, there is no reason why you cannot continue to use it.

What are the three types of bed?

There are 3 types of bed: mattresses, bed bases and bed frames. Bed bases are usually purchased as an ensemble and are also called box bases. Frames refer to bases with railings, often made of wood, and some frames feature a headboard and footboard.

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