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Comfort comes in all mattress sizes

Mattress Size Metric Measurements (mm) Imperial Measurements (inches)
Sealy Single 915 x 1900 36" x 74.8"
Sealy Single XL 915 x 2030 36" x 80"
King Single 1065 x 2030 41.9" x 80"
Double 1385 x 1900 54.5" x 74.8"
Queen 1525 x 2030 60" x 80"
King 1835 x 2030 72.2" x 80"
Super King 2030 x 2030 80" x 80"

Mattress sizes matter more than we think when it comes to quality of sleep with space playing an important factor, for some, the larger the better. Sealy has mattresses of every size you might need. From single beds, to a larger version called single XL which allows room for growing height, and then there’s the king single which adds some extra width as well.

Next size up comes the double bed for those who want some more extra space to move around, the queen beds to suit two people, followed by king-sized beds which adds more space for two people.

The height and depth of your mattress would differ with the size of your bed’s base and the mattress range you select. We cover all mattress sizes and we recommend you can use our mattress selector to figure out exactly what you need.

Here at Sealy, we try to provide you with the best of the best. We strive to give you an amazing bed experience to help you sleep better with comfort in every size and variable options to suit your budget.

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