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At Sealy, we see “made in Australia” as a badge of honour. We strive to produce the highest quality products at every price range, using locally sourced materials.


Expert Australian

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All Sealy mattresses are made to order and made by hand — right here in Australia. We are proud to have 5 production facilities across the country, employing over 700 Australians and servicing hundreds of retailers. 

Our highly experienced craftsmen and craftswomen make mattresses with the utmost care and professionalism. Every bed passes through 11 sets of hands, as a minimum; it is this end-to-end attention to detail and commitment to manual processes that Sealy prides itself on.

We are passionate about supporting our workforce and local manufacturing. As the sleep experts, we strive to ensure that we provide premium products for our fellow Australians.

Locally sourced materials

Sealy mattresses are 100% Australian made. They are crafted with materials that are sourced from suppliers across the country. For example, our patented coils are made from iron ore that is sourced in South Australia, processed into wire in New South Wales then manufactured into coils in Sealy’s own factory in Wacol, Queensland. 

Foams, timber and fabrics are also sourced within Australia. They are made to our specifications and regularly assessed at our accredited testing facility in Queensland to ensure they meet our high standards.

Australian Made Coils
Australian made design

Unique Australian design

Sealy’s design team firmly believe that each time you change the sheets, the beautiful fabric covering the mattress makes a statement about the quality and care that go into making that mattress. We scrutinize every design choice to ensure it will live up to Sealy’s reputation for high quality and modern yet timeless design.

We partner with retailers to produce mattresses with a unique aesthetic that represents their clientele and local community, from premium damasks to Australian botanical motifs.

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