taking care of your sealy posturepedic mattress

While we can assure you that a Sealy Posturepedic mattress does not generate heat, it is possible that your bed is retaining too much warmth.

We have a few suggestions you may wish to try:

  • Consider removing any additional foam toppers. Foam traps heat to a greater degree than natural fibres.
  • Try to facilitate airflow. Open windows opposite each other to create a cross breeze, or turn on a fan to help circulate the air in your bedroom. You may also wish to use an air conditioner on a low setting.
  • Ensure you are using appropriate linens. While high thread counts are often a marker of quality, they tend to retain more heat. Choose sheets that have a balance of quality and lower thread counts, as well as natural underlays (such as wool).

Changing the comfort level may also be a solution. A plush or soft mattress is designed to ‘cradle’ the sleeper, while a firmer mattress holds the body aloft on the surface. By allowing air to circulate around more of the body, you will naturally feel cooler. If you are considering a comfort adjustment, please contact Customer Care.