before you buy

This depends on personal preference and your unique sleep requirements. Side sleepers are often more comfortable on mattresses that range from medium to plush. Back sleepers tend to gravitate towards firmer-feeling mattresses, while stomach sleepers usually favour a medium feel (not too firm, not too soft).

Consider a firmer mattress if you often feel overly warm at night. You may wish to look for mattresses that have SmarTex fabric, as they have superior breathability characteristics. Conversely, if you tend to get the chills, plush and ultra-plush mattresses may provide more warmth.

If the bed is intended for guests, consider a mattress that will suit a wide variety of sleepers. A medium to firm mattress is usually recommended in this case.

If you have more detailed questions, our in-store Sealy Posturepedic consultants are trained to offer expert advice. They can evaluate which bed model is best suited to your spinal alignment and comfort preferences.

Here are a few additional tips on choosing the best mattress suited to you.