Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Collection.
Sealy Hybrid

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid blends the conformance of visco-elastic foam with the advanced support of Sealy’s SRx Titanium® technology.
So you can sleep in harmony.

Correct Back Support

SRx Titanium® Support

The SRx Titanium® coil is a revolutionary technology that Senses your body's weight and Responds with initial conforming support, then provides the extra correct support your body needs. Allowing your muscles to relax and recover while you sleep.

The SRx coil is made from Titanium alloy. Titanium is light, incredibly strong, and durable. It can be found in high-tech applications used in the aerospace and medical industries.

UniCased® XT Edge

  • Only from Sealy - a coil-inspired edge support system that creates a seamless transition from the mattress edge to the support system.
  • It offers ultimate stability, resulting in minimized partner disturbance.

UniPhase™ Comfort

  • Visco-elastic comfort layers micro-conform to the body to relieve pressure points and minimize partner disturbance
  • Sealy UniPhase™ comfort architecture provides a smooth transition from comfort to support
  • Gel-infused visco elastic for added resilience and enhanced performance (selected models)

SmarTex™ Fabric

  • Dynamic fabric treatment that is activated only when needed
  • Disperses heat and moisture for a cooler, more comfortable sleep environment

SlimFlex™ Foundation

  • Low-profile, Titanium-enriched steel modules for strength and resilience
  • Covered in upholstery fabrics for a stylish furniture look

High Quality Fit and Finish

Modern and stylish design includes the soft-touch EverFlex™ fabric cover, decorative ribbon, and upholstery style border fabric.

Made in Australia

Sealy Posturepedic is proudly Australian Made and Owned. The bed you choose is made to order locally, in one of Sealy's five manufacturing centres. The Sealy Components Division produces the innerspring systems, fibre fills, and foundations. Materials are sourced from Australian manufacturers where possible.

Sealy's Research and Development

Many beds look the same. But when you examine the design and quality of the components, they can be worlds apart.

Sealy leads the bedding industry in research and development. Decades of research and development have led to patented technology that lies at the heart of our current product range.

The Sealy Research and Development Centre tests every component to stringent quality standards. Beds are required to perform to the highest durability and performance benchmarks. Sealy's R&D centre is NATA accredited to comply with Australian Standards.

This way you'll enjoy a great night's sleep and the benefits of Sealy quality and durability.


Sealy makes a variety of Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid® models, designed to provide different levels of comfort.

All Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid® models feature the same SRx Titanium® support system with UniCased® edge support, and have a SlimFlex™ foundation.

The comfort components listed below are included in most, but not all, Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid mattresses.

Click the items below for more detail:


  • UniPhase Comfort

    UniPhase™ Comfort

    - High quality visco-elastic foam layers
    - Gently cradles and micro-conforms to the body
    - Minimizes motion transfer for undisturbed sleep
    - Sealy comfort architecture means smooth transition from comfort to support

  • Gel-Infused UniPhase

    Gel-Infused UniPhase™

    - High quality visco-elastic foam infused with millions of gel beads
    - Gel adds resilience and enhances the performance of the visco-elastic foam

  • Premium Foams

    Premium Foam

    - High density quality comfort layer.
    - Resilient and long-lasting.
    - Cushioning comfort.

  • EverFlex Fabric

    EverFlex™ Fabric

    - Premium quality viscose knit
    - Especially designed to retain its shape and to ‘bounce back’ after each use

  • SmarTex


    - Smart textile treatment that is activated when the temperature of the bed gets too warm
    - Acts by wicking away heat and moisture, to provide a cooler, more comfortable sleep environment
    - Works only when needed – to create a sleep space suited to each individual


  • SRx Titanium® Support

    SRx Titanium® Support

    Senses your body's weight and responds with initial conforming support, then provides the extra correct support your body needs.

  • UniCased® XT Edge

    UniCased® XT Edge

    - Ultimate Stability - less motion transfer
    - Coil-inspired Edge Support
    - Edge-to-edge Comfort


  • SlimFlex Foundation

    SlimFlex™ Foundation

    - Titanium-enriched steel modules provide a working foundation
    - Works with the mattress to extend its comfort life
    - Slimline and upholstered in designer fabric for a furniture look

  • StayTight® Foundation Cover

    StayTight® Foundation Cover

    - Clever rubberised fabric cover that grips your sheets.
    - Helps keep sheets in place for a tidier looking bed.

  • 10 Year Guarantee

    10 Year Guarantee

    When you buy a Sealy, you can rest easy. We guarantee it.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid is available in two standard sizes:

Size Dimensions
(width x length in mm)*
Suitable for
Queen 1525 x 2030 A popular choice for couples, most commonly sold size
King 1835 x 2030 Growing in popularity as it provides a generous sleep area for two people

* All sizes are nominal


Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Queen size mattress only retail prices range from $2,699 to $6,199. Retail pricing is at the discretion of the retailer and varies depending on model inclusions and retailer services.