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Our Partnership

Ballet dancers are arguably some of the most athletic stage performers – their art, while captivating and enchanting, is a physically demanding one. That’s why Sealy Posturepedic have proudly partnered with the Queensland Ballet to ensure that their dancers are fully supported, in all aspects of life.

Dance. Rest. Repeat

Queensland Ballet

Ballet dancers are constantly putting strain and stress on their bodies. The effortless dances you see on stage may look easy, but they actually require all sorts of body contortions, bends, extensions and stretches.

At Sealy we understand that high-endurance performers – of any kind – need to rest in order to perform to the best of their abilities. We believe that sleep is the most important tool for recovery – it’s the time when our body adapts to the day’s stressors and restores itself.

Our partnership with the Queensland Ballet ensures that their dancers get a quality night’s sleep and wake up replenished and rejuvenated. Our mattresses provide support, stability and help to relieve the day-to-day aches and pains of dancing.

Sealy and the Queensland Ballet – A Perfect Fit

The partnership between Sealy and the Queensland Ballet comes naturally. From performing a perfect plié to handcrafting a perfect spring coil – both brands embody the same values of excellence, performance and quality.

About the Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet is a creative and lively company, which connects people and dance across Queensland. From the dancers to the choreographers, it’s known for attracting world-class talent but also places an emphasis on nurturing emerging local talent as well.

Since 2014, Li Cunxin has been at the helm as the company’s Artistic Director. Li has had a long and diverse career as an internationally acclaimed dancer but is perhaps most known for his critically acclaimed autobiography-turned-film, Mao’s Last Dancer. Li’s passion, dedication and constant strive for excellence is all too evident when watching his Queensland Ballet productions. Thanks to Li, the future of ballet and dance looks bright in Australia.

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