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Posturepedic Embassy Collection

Tried and tested Sealy technology offers long lasting durability and a range of comfort options to suit every situation.

Packed with Sealy's advanced technology, long-lasting durability, and functional features, Sealy Posturepedic offers an outstanding guest experience.


All Embassy Collection beds feature:

Sealy Embassy Collection SRx II coil support system

Spring Technology

A revolutionary technology that senses your body's weight and responds with initial conforming supports, then provides the extra correct support your body needs. Made with Titanium alloy steel for ultimate strength.

Mattress Edge Support

Sealy's UniCased® construction offers extra stability for reduced motion transfer which means a better night's sleep for your guests.

Embassy Collection comfort layers

Comfort Layers

The Embassy Collection features high density foam layer to mould and conform to the lower part of the back where it’s needed most.

Bed Base Technology

Commercial Shock Abzzorber® Foundation is built with the improved stability of thick guage wire and increased timber slats to withstand the stresses of commercial use. The torsion modules absorb the shock of weight and motion, ensuring long lasting durability.

Other Features

The Embassy Collection is finished in high quality fire retardant treated stretch knit fabric to meet Australian Standards.

Sizing Guide


  King Single




Sealy Commercial is a hand built product, assembled to the highest quality standards. The dimensions shown below are nominal and subject to a tolerance of ±15mm.
To avoid incorrect manchester/bedspread fit, receipt of product for exact measurements is recommended.

Mattress Specifications

Feature Knightsbridge Ultra Plush Knightsbridge Plush Knightsbridge Medium Knightsbridge Firm
Stretch Knit        
Gentle Quilting      
Firm Quilting  
Sealy® Fibre        
Premium Convoluted Super-Soft Quilt Foam        
Super-Soft Quilt Foam        
Cushioning Quilt Foam        
Sealy® Quilt Foam        
Deep Super-Soft Foam        
Super-Soft Foam        
Premium Foam        
Cushioning Foam        
Sealy® Foam        
Insulation Pad        
AlignSupport® Titanium Alloy Coil with UniCased®        
Foundation (optional)
Commercial Shock Abzzorber® Foundation        

Sealy Commercial Brochure

View mattress specifications and compare collections in the Sealy Commercial brochure


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