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Additonal Mattress Features

Sealy mattress features health shield fabric

Health Shield

Health shield is a fabric treatment to promote a longer life for your mattress, maintaining a hygienic sleep surface by protecting the mattress fabrics from bacteria and mould.

Sealy mattress incorporated with vents


Vents are incorporated in the border of the Crown Jewel mattress to allow air to flow in and out of the mattress to maintain a hygienic and fresh sleep surface.

Sealy fine fibre mattress feature

Fine Sealy fibre

Fine fibre provides loft, and are densified for lasting comfort. Sealy pre-crushes all fibres to ensure the mattress retains its loft over its lifespan.

Sealy bed base features timber legs

Timber Legs

Solid timber legs provide a high quality finish and classic look. Timber legs are a standard feature on the Crown Jewel mattress range.

Natural wool

Natural Wool

Wool is a luxury natural fibre that is both durable and very flexible, retaining its initial loft over time. It has a ‘wicking’ characteristic which means it can draw moisture away from other surfaces, making it very comfortable in any climate. Wool is an investment in sound sleep, luxurious comfort, safety and quality product performance.

Sealy mattress features Posturepedic corner wrap handles

Corner Wrap Handles

Corner wrap handles are flag stitched handles attached to the corners of the mattress, making it easier to safely position the mattress as you make the bed or rotate the mattress each season. Sealy mattresses are single sided, meaning you only need to rotate your mattress every two weeks in the first three months, and every two to three months thereafter.


A dynamic fabric treatment applied to ticking after the weaving process. The treatment acts by increasing dispersion of moisture as temperature increases. This action assists the process of evaporation which in turn assists cooling, maintaining the sleep environment at the ideal temperature for the sleeper. The treatment does not affect the sleep environment unless heat and humidity increase sufficiently to require it. This ensures that anyone sleeping on the mattress gets only what they need.

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