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Queen Size Mattress

Looking for a Queen Size Mattress? Learn everything there is to know about Sealy's range of Queen Size Mattresses.

Sealy Queen Mattress

Sealy Queen 1525mm wide x 2030 long x high

There’s a good reason why Sealy’s Queen size mattresses are so popular. They are the perfect size for couples – 1,525mm wide and 2,030mm long – so you can stretch out and be comfortable, whilst still easily fitting into most bedrooms.

Cosy in winter and with enough personal space in summer, Queen size mattresses are only 300mm narrower than Kings – in fact, many couples prefer to use a King size doona over their Queen size bed for extra luxury.

Sealy’s Queen size mattresses deliver year-round comfort and practicality. No wonder they are Australia’s favourite mattress brand*.

If you’re considering a Sealy Queen, it’s worth comparing with Sealy’s King and Super King sizes, just to be sure. Using the Sealy Mattress Selector, you can find out which mattress is the right one for you or download our Mattress Guide to help guide you through the process of choosing the right mattress.

Think Sealy Queen is the right size for you? Visit your local Sealy retailer to experience a Sealy for yourself. It’s a great way to work out which mattress is right for you – and you’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy.

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