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Queen Bed Mattress

Are you thinking of taking the step up to a Queen size mattress? Exciting times. Many people think the Queen is the perfect size for couples. Measuring 1525mm wide by 2030mm long, it’s a significant step up from the Double, and only 300mm narrower than a King.

1525mm x 2030mm

The couple’s mattress

The Queen mattress is a great size for couples. It's got the best of both worlds: a luxurious amount of space in a mattress that can fit into most bedrooms. Many couples who upgrade from the Double to the Queen say the extra room makes a noticeable difference because you can stretch out more in both directions. A good trick is to use a King size doona with your Queen size mattress. It makes a great cocoon in winter and it means you won't be tugging at the covers all night long.

A mattress for all seasons

On cold nights, the Queen is great for cuddling. But when the weather warms up outside, there’s also plenty of breathing space – there’s nothing worse on a hot summer’s night than feeling your partner’s body heat!

Australia's favourite mattress size

The Queen size mattress is a clear Aussie favourite. While the King size offers a bit more room, more Australians prefer to get cozy and go with the Queen. It’s the perfect balance between size and practicality, making it a great all-round mattress for two people.

Pop into one of our stockists’ stores today to try a Queen size mattress. It’s a great way to work out whether it’s right for you – and you’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy!

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