before you buy

Sleep is one of the most important requirements for growing bodies and active teenagers. Having a comfortable and supportive mattress is vital for quality sleep.

In terms of mattress size, most children and teenagers can easily sleep on a Single or Single XL. Taller children may benefit from a King Single or Double. Teenagers often appreciate the width of a Double or Queen mattress, especially as they grow taller and take up more room.

It may be harder for a child to tell you which comfort feel they prefer. We recommend models in the firm to medium range as they typically need fewer comfort layers built into a mattress. An in-store Sealy consultant can look for optimal spinal alignment and advise you on what models may suit your child best.

For long-term investment and durability, we recommend purchasing an ensemble that includes both a Sealy Posturepedic mattress and foundation. Not only will they help extend the life of the mattress, our Spacesaver bases can provide extra storage while trundle beds allow for guests.

We’ve written some helpful articles on how to transition your child from cot to bed, and more insights on how to choose a mattress for a child.