So, you’re in the market for a new mattress but you’ve since found out that buying one is somewhat of a task. Many people focus on finding the right bed in terms of support, but overlook the importance of choosing the right feel. The comfort level you choose will play a large role in the quality of your sleep and, thus, the satisfaction of your purchase. So let’s investigate what the term ‘comfort’ means when mattress shopping, the comfort choices available, and how you can identify the right level for you.

Mattress Comfort vs. Mattress Support

You may be wondering, “What is comfort exactly and how is it different from support?” Many customers aren’t sure about the difference between these two terms. The answer is that the support of a mattress refers to the mattresses inner structure and its ability to resist downward pressure which is applied when someone lays down on it. Finding the right support level helps to keep your spine straight, promoting correct back support during sleep.

Mattress comfort, on the other hand, refers to the material layers on top of the innerspring and how soft or firm they are. These layers conform to the body, helping to relieve pressure points and ensure good blood circulation during sleep. This can provide a better night’s sleep and prevent lower back pain.

There are three options when it comes to comfort, and each person will need to decide which suits their needs best.

Our Comfort Choices

Plush mattresses

What is a Plush mattress? The Plush comfort level is the softest. It offers the highest level of conformance to the body which relieves the most pressure from the body’s pressure points. This is recommended for those who sleep on their side, as doing so can put more pressure on the shoulders and hips. You will like this option if you enjoy a luxurious feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Medium mattresses

The Medium comfort level offers a lower level of softness than the plush, while being not quite as rigid as the firm. If you need some conformance but the plush is too soft, this mattress is ideal for you. A Sealy medium firm mattress is a good middle ground for those who do not want a firm mattress.

Firm mattresses

The firm comfort level is the most rigid. Firm mattresses are good for people who sleep on their front or back, which disperses weight more evenly thus reducing pressure on any specific part of the body. It is also good for those who prefer a firm feel over a soft one, and for those who want to reduce lower back pain. If you’re looking for a firm king mattress or a firm queen mattress, visit one of our Sealy stockists.

What Makes a Mattress Soft or Firm?

You may be wondering what components result in a mattress being plush, medium, or firm. Here’s a little insight as to what comfort technology we use in order to create the different feels.

ComfortCore® Luxe

This layer is found at the base of all of a mattress’s comfort layers and is composed of natural latex and a gel-infused visco centre. It conforms to the body, supports the lower back, and provides durability for the mattress.

ComfortCore® Plus

Found just below the mattress quilt layer is the ComfortCore® Plus. This feature is also comprised of a gel-infused Visco centre third, which offers great conformance. As with the Luxe, the Plus layer also supports the lower lumbar region of the back.

ComfortCore® Premium

ComfortCore® Premium is located underneath the quilt layer of a mattress, and since it’s a memory-foam layer which supports the lower lumbar region of your back, it’s especially effective at relieving pressure points where you need it most.


A few selected Sealy mattresses feature the ComfortCore® comfort layer at their base, which ensures that your body is fully supported and that conformance is spot-on to help support the lower lumbar region or the lower back.

Fine Fibre

The Fine Sealy Fibre used in our mattresses ensures that they have that thickness that you want, and the comfort and durability that you need. All our fibres are pre-crushed to increase the likeliness of our mattresses retaining their loft long past their warranty periods.

Natural Wool

We also make use of natural wool for two reasons: durability and flexibility. Natural wool will stay loft longer than synthetic materials, and because it has the ability to wick away moisture, it enables the mattresses to remain comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

How to Find Your Comfort Preference

Now that you know the basics, here are some tips on figuring out whether a firm or medium mattress is best for you.

Step 1: Get Prepared

When heading out to find your mattress, it is essential that you prepare for the task. Put on some comfortable clothes and consider taking your pillow along to the store so that you’re able to replicate your normal sleeping environment. Make a note of any mattresses you like on your phone. Ensure you know the mattress size you need and think about your typical sleeping position. Keep in mind that side sleepers usually need a softer comfort level, while front and back sleepers are okay with a medium or firm level.

Step 2: Try Them All

Be sure to try out a mattress in each comfort level; plush, medium, and firm. Spend a few minutes so you can get a feel for the differences. Make sure you take note of how comfortable you are on each of them.

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Selection

Once you find the comfort level you like best, there is still a range of options within the comfort level to explore. To find the perfect fit, try out a few different products within the comfort range you like. Identify your favourites and ask the salesman for more details about the features and benefits.

Step 4: 10-Minute Trials

Once you have narrowed down your selection and you think you may have found the one, it’s time to give it one last test. Lie down on it for at least 10 minutes – in your normal sleeping position – and then determine whether or not you have truly found your ideal comfort preference.

Keep in mind, if you are sharing this bed with a significant other, it will be important for you both to go and test out the various options. Then, you can find one that will be suitable for both of your needs.

Find the Right Comfort Fit For You

Now you have all the information you need to identify your comfort preference. We’ve covered what comfort level is and why it’s important, the different levels available, and how to find the right one for you.

Remember to follow these steps when heading to the mattress store.

  • Get prepared – take your phone or a notepad and jot down notes of mattresses you like.
  • Try out each comfort level – side sleepers are better off with a softer mattress (e.g. plush) while someone who sleeps on their front or back will prefer a firmer mattress.
  • Hone in on the range of options available in your preferred comfort level.
  • Choose your favourite mattress and give it a final 10-minute test run before making the final decision.

If you need any more help with deciding on which comfort preference you should opt for, we’d love to help you out. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help to answer any further questions you have so you can find the right fit.


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Discover your perfect mattress by using our mattress selector tool.

Simply answer a few questions and we’ll recommend the right mattress based on your unique sleep profile. We will email you your customised results so you can take them in-store to a Sealy retailer near you.