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Research carried out by the Sleep Health Foundation has shown between 33–45% of Australians have poor sleep patterns. As a result, one may wind up feeling tired and irritable the next day, often leading to lower productivity or even possible damage to mental health and other unsafe behaviours. Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that the numbers are on the rise.

According to a study led by Professor Robert Adams at the University of Adelaide, women are more likely to experience difficulty falling asleep, while also waking up too early with a feeling of exhaustion and irritation.

Give mum the gift of better sleep

Here at Sealy, where our aim is for everyone to get the best sleep possible, we thought it might be helpful to give you a few ideas that help mums get that much-deserved rest.

Winding down after a long day with some ‘alone time’, a warm bath, a good book or listening to music is a good start. Why not turn mum’s bedroom into her own personal spa retreat, too? Consider candles, essential oils, beauty accessories and relaxing hobbies.


Of course, never underestimate the effect that presentation can have. Once you’ve assembled your selection of gifts, think about how you’re going to put them all together. Place everything from fluffy towels, bath robe, bath salts, candles or the box of soothing tea in a basket she can reuse again. No need to worry about ribbons and bows if that’s not your thing; add a bunch of flowers or a small living pot plant to set off your display.

As a final touch you could surprise your mum with the perfect pillow on her bed. We often overlook the importance of the right pillow and they need replacing more often than we think. No more waking up with a sore neck or headache from sleeping on the wrong pillow — add a nice silk pillowcase and slip it on her bed just before bedtime. To really out-do yourself, add a pillow mint and a book by her favourite author. 

We’re hoping some of these ideas will help your mum get the rest that she needs, and your thoughtful approach will be truly appreciated. After all, if you think about how much sleep your mum has lost over the years caring for you, then making an extra special effort to help her have a relaxing day is a small price to pay to say thank you.