before you buy

This depends on a few factors. You may find it helpful to consider the below points.

Are you sleeping alone or with a partner?

Some couples find they have plenty of room on a Double or Queen mattress, but it’s best to be sure. The Queen size is often the most common in retail showrooms, so you may wish to judge size requirements by visiting a retail store.

King mattresses are good options for taller persons or for couples who prefer extra room. As a general guide, a mattress should be at least 76mm longer than the height of the occupants.

Is the mattress for a child or guest?

Most children and teenagers can easily sleep on a Single or Single XL. Taller children may benefit from a King Single or Double. Teenagers often appreciate the width of a Double or Queen mattress, especially as they grow taller and take up more room.

While Double mattresses may suit an adult guest, it’s often more comfortable to offer a Queen mattress in case two people need to sleep on the mattress. If deciding between the two, let your room size be your guide.

How big is your bedroom?

You should be able to as walk around the perimeter of your bedframe. 75-90cm clearance or more on two or three sides is ideal. You will also need enough room to rotate your mattress without hitting any walls.

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