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Sleep Stories by Lynn Malone

Switch off the computer and iPhone, sip a cup of sleepy-time tea and indulge in a warm bath.

These are a few preparation tips that sleep specialists prescribe for a peaceful and rejuvenating night's rest. From a sensory viewpoint, a cool, serene bedroom is mandatory; crisply, clean bed linens that are simply layered and set in tranquil surroundings. Are you sleepy yet?

Once the scene is set, an indispensable ingredient to a good nights sleep is the mattress – let's revise that to the bedding set, which comprises of a mattress and bed base. Why consider the bed base in the equation, you ask? If it is faulty – a misaligned frame or sprung spring – even the best mattress might be compromised. Ideally, start with a paired assemblage – mattress and box spring – purchased as a set. My bedding of choice is Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite, king size.

Please allow me to explain the rationale for the selection of a king size bed. First, the context. When I moved from an inner-city Sydney suburb to the Gold Coast, I had the luxury of a large canvas on which to design. My apartment is larger, as are the bedrooms which comfortably suit the dimensions of a king bedding set.

Secondly, comfort. The Sealy Exquisite king bedding set is designed for two – two equal sides of the bed where when one person tosses and turns the second person is not affected.

Thirdly, construction. The Sealy mattress and bed base are manufactured from the highest quality materials which are scientifically selected and conducive to comfort and well-being.

Another consideration is the six-kilogram bundle of joy, my little Jack Russell Terrier, Ginger. Ginger starts the night in her cuddly and comfortable doggie bed positioned at the front of the king bed. As her internal clock strikes 4:00am, onto my bed she jumps.

I concede dogs do not rule the house or the bed; however, Ginger fancies sleeping sideways, the width of the bed, and occupies more space than she is rightfully entitled. In a king bed this is ample space, and everyone sleeps soundly.

About the author: Lynn Malone is an award-winning interior designer, writer and taste maker. A previous columnist for The Sun-Herald and The Sunday-Age 'Sunday Life', her design projects have featured in multiple design, lifestyle and travel publications including Grand Design, Home Design and LuxeGetaways.

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