Getting enough sleep is one of the most important investments we can make. To identify the tangible value of sleep, we take a look at various benefits of attaining sufficient rest. According to the National Institute of Health, the following are the most prominent effects to consider.

The benefits of quality sleep

Healthy brain function

While you sleep, your brain prepares for the next day. It forms pathways which enable you to learn and remember new information; it also helps you to be able to pay attention, be creative, solve problems and make decisions.

Most people have experienced nights when they have tossed and turned and then felt groggy in the morning. Poor quality sleep can make for a day where you don’t feel like doing much of anything, make more mistakes, have a slower reaction time and move more slowly.

This can result in a reduction of productivity and can be a hindrance when trying to achieve goals. Even a deficiency of 1–2 hours per night for a few nights in a row can cause your mental abilities to suffer. Conversely, with good quality sleep you will be able to perform at your best and get more done.

Physical wellbeing

Sleep is good not only for the brain but the rest of the human body, too. Sleep deficiency has been linked to many health problems from kidney disease and high blood pressure to diabetes and strokes. When you get enough quality sleep, the body can repair itself and facilitate proper functioning.

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Emotional wellbeing

Studies have also found that sleep deficiency reduces a person’s ability to control their emotions and behaviour. It has been linked to depression, risk-taking behaviour and even suicide.

When children and teens aren’t getting enough sleep, they commonly experience mood swings, act impulsively, achieve lower grades and appear angry or glum. A good night’s rest will keep emotions more stable and balanced, resulting in the ability to handle relationships and challenges in life more effectively.

Overall safety

Another problem is that when you don’t get enough sleep, your brain tries to recover rest through microsleep. This is a brief moment of sleep that occurs when you are normally awake; for example, zoning out in a conversation or, even worse, when driving. Getting good quality sleep — and enough of it — reduces risks and increases the safety of yourself and those around you.

While there are many more benefits you can reap from getting good quality sleep, these four are notably important. The return on investment of quality sleep can be quantified by asking:

  • How much do you value your mental health? 
  • How much do you value having good physical health? 
  • How much do you value maintaining emotional balance? 
  • How much do you value your safety and the safety of those around you? 
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The costs involved in better sleep

To improve your sleep, there are several things you can do that are free. These include, for example, getting on a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy and exercising. If you find that your bed is no longer offering the right support, then you may need to replace your mattress, your bed frame, or both.

The quality of a mattress is important for the body to stay properly aligned during sleep. Beyond alignment, a mattress with proper comfort layers helps to relieve pressure points and conform to your body, thus helping reduce pain and making it easier to get comfortable. Lastly, a good quality mattress will maintain its functionality allowing it to last for many years, which offers more of a return on investment for the owner.

Low-quality mattresses High-quality mattresses
Offer less support, durability and overall comfort
Comfort layers added to make them more comfortable and luxurious
Less investment in research and development in mattress technologies
Research and development are at the forefront of mattress design
Manufacturers may cut corners in design and materials to save on costs
Better design and materials are used in favour of a comfortable and supportive night's sleep

How much does a mattress cost?

The cost of a mattress can vary widely with different construction methods, inner materials and support technology. There is no correct answer, as the right mattress for you depends on your unique sleep profile. However, there are lower quality mattresses that are not as supportive or comfortable as your mattress should be.

In comparison, Sealy mattresses are designed to offer back support, optimal comfort and long-lasting durability regardless of the price range you choose. Try our Mattress Selector or Shop In-Store to find out more.

When a mattress is made well and works properly, the returns justify the investment. A Sealy Crown Jewel mattress may be in a higher price category than other mattresses, but it represents a higher investment and is far less likely to need replacing for years to come. 


Selecting the right mattress is not always a straightforward task, which is why we have a mattress buying guide below to assist you in the process. We also have some helpful guides on choosing a mattress and trying a mattress in-store that you may wish to read.

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