Honouring longevity and opportunity

Our greatest strength is the dedication and commitment of our people. The Honour Board commemorates those who have spent 20 years or more helping to build the Sealy brand.

From first steps to a century

This year marks 100 years since Sealy began operating out of Stanley Street, Woolloongabba. The Boarders tradition is a way of looking back and showing our appreciation of those who made the Sealy story possible. We commemorate each and every member who spends 20 years or more with the company, regardless of job description, department or level of seniority.


Over 300 and counting

Since its unveiling in 1993, the Sealy Honour Board has grown from 26 names to almost 350. Every face has a story and a history. Some of our earliest Boarders were enlisted in the army during WWII, and all have been instrumental in the growth and success of our business.

Last year, with the expansion of the Sealy joint venture into the United Kingdom, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific, our Boarders program expanded to include hard working individuals from around the world. 


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