As the head of our Research and Development team, Daniel Green represents an integral part of Sealy Posturepedic and our commitment to innovation. We sat down with Dan to talk about his background and the work he has been doing in Sealy R&D. 

How long have you been in this role, and what does it entail?

I lead a team of experts in the constant pursuit of making the world’s best bed. I’ve been in this role for 10 years — and there is still much to do!

We have a unique and diverse team in R&D as our developments cover such a broad range of knowledge and disciplines. These include product designers, engineers, scientists, project managers, material and mechanical specialists, upholsterers and many others. 

The R&D team are constantly working on developing better beds to help people all over the world get a better night's sleep.

Tell us about your life before Sealy. What else have you worked on?

I have always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together ⁠— usually also trying to improve them in the process.

I studied mechanical engineering at university and worked part-time at a prototyping facility. It had the first commercial 3D printers, a machine shop, injection moulding and even a foundry where we cast prototype parts for V8 supercar teams and Holden.

To complete my degree, I undertook a project for a defence company. My project was to design fixtures and simulate the way the human shoulder would behave, so that we could test equipment without people having to hold it. I then worked full-time in this company on a large range of projects for several years. A lot of the work required integration of electronics and software with mechanical design.

What do you think about this kind of expertise being used by the bedding industry?

Making a really good bed can be a challenge, but to make the world’s best bed — one that delivers on so many aspects of what each customer needs — and then to constantly drive this forward and innovate… Well, that requires a dedicated team of people looking at the product from a different perspective. And that is what the R&D team is all about. We strive to achieve technical and research-based innovations and solutions that lead the market.

What has come out of R&D that you are most proud of?

There are a few items so far and lots more to go! I’m really proud of our Flexicased technology, which is a unique edge support for adjustable mattresses. It’s one example of a globally patented solution that we have designed to meet market needs.

Of course, I’m also really proud of our OAB research papers. These are the foundation for our products and illustrate our relationship with the Orthopaedic Advisory Board, QUT and our spinal alignment research.

Any final thoughts on Sealy and the R&D process?

R&D has touchpoints across all parts of the business, from finance to logistics. To make our products all around the world is a huge team effort.

We are constantly working to make sure our products continue to improve and lead the market, based on real technical and research-based innovation. We want our customers to have the confidence that our products deliver on everything we talk about and will last a very long time.

And that the next Posturepedic will be better than the previous one, as the R&D team are constantly working on developing better beds for better sleep.

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