Sealy Double bed

There are several reasons you may choose to purchase a Double bed. We answer common questions, like “what is the Double bed size” and if it is a practical solution. While children and teenagers eventually transition out of smaller, single size mattresses, a Double mattress is also ideal for guest bedrooms, couples and single sleepers of all ages.

When to choose a Double bed

Upgrading from a single bed

There are many ways kids outgrow their mattresses. In a literal sense, some children grow too tall to rest comfortably in a Single size, which is 1900 mm long.

Depending on their age and the space available in their bedroom, a Single XL or King Single mattress may be more appropriate. These offer an additional 130 mm of length, with variations in width.

In other cases, a teenager may feel more comfortable in a Double mattress size. The transition to a larger bed may be important for a sense of independence and growth, or it may be a practical need for more space.

upgrading to a double mattress size

Is a double bed suitable for couples?

The Double is the smallest bed designed to sleep more than one person. Taking into account your individual needs and comfort in a shared resting space, a Double mattress may have plenty of room for some couples. Of course, the Double mattress is also ideal for many single sleepers of all ages.

Regardless of whether the space is being shared, it is important to remember that while it is wider, a Double mattress is the same length as a Single (1900 mm). Taller people may require a larger mattress, or the longer Singles.

Because of its size, a Double bed is often ideal for couples with smaller bedrooms. Given its versatility, this size may also be a great option as a guest bed in limited spaces.

Couple in smaller bed

Double mattress size and dimensions

If you’re not sure whether a Double bed is the right option, it may help to consider how it measures up compared to our Singles range. Or, if you’re wondering what size bed is suitable for you and your space, check out our guide to all bed sizes. If you’re evaluating Double vs Queen sizes, we show you the differences below.

How wide is a double bed?

Mattress size Metric (mm) Imperial (in)
915 × 1900 mm
36 × 74 ″
915 × 2030 mm
36 × 80 ″
1055 × 2030 mm
42 × 80 ″
1385 × 1900 mm
54 × 74 ″
1525 × 2030 mm
72 × 80 ″

Comparing the Double mattress size to Single options and the Queen

Which Sealy ranges come in a double mattress size?

We offer a Double mattress size in all of our Posturepedic options and price ranges. Whether you choose to buy a Single size or the larger Double bed, you can find a model that suits your needs perfectly. We also have a range of bases to complete your Double bed. If you’re ready to buy, check for a Sealy Double mattress sale.