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“Elevate” your sleeping experience

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight. And Sealy Posturepedic’s new Elevate mattress is testament to the adage “good things come to those who wait”. It took Sealy Posturepedic four years to develop and perfect their newly-released Elevate sleep system.

With a revolutionary coil, hand-tailored comfort layers and redesigned proprietary breathable fabrics, Elevate is the embodiment of Sealy Posturepedic’s innovation prowess.

Innovating for a reason

Recognizing that wellness is a global phenomenon people of all ages are striving to be better at, the Sealy Posturepedic team tasked themselves with creating a product that could deliver a tangible wellness benefit.

In the case of Elevate, this was achieved by radically improving the coil architecture that sits inside the mattress.

“Coils are important because at the heart of your sleep system, you need a layer that can intuitively adapt to your weight and varying pressure points from head to toe by first supporting your weight and adaptively pushing back with resistance that is perfectly matched to your body, a system that is designed to help keep you in better alignment and wake up rested, full of energy and refreshed to take on the day.” – Daniel Green, R&D Manager at Sealy Australia.

We’re the only Australian bedding manufacturer who designs and produces our own coils, so we’re in a unique position to lead the charge at innovating and improving how supportive a bed can be throughout a mattress’s lifetime as well as the only manufacturer who can validate every bed made adheres to world-class standards that lead the industry.

Vision and persistence – Developing the new AlignSupport™ coil

After 21 prototypes and 26 months of testing, Sealy’s Research and Development team had “an idea for the spring of the future”, says Daniel Green.

“We created a new coil design that would more precisely support the body. In addition, we achieved our initial goal of providing a more seamless transition from comfort into support. The result is a noticeably better comfort feel for anyone who lays down on the Elevate mattress versus previous models.”

In order to build the coils, the R&D team worked with the Components team to develop and program a new machine that could precisely produce the new coils.

The next challenge was taking the springs and assembling them into spring units. The team built 22 different configurations and in September 2018 conducted blind ‘Sit, Feel, Try’ tests of the product with dozens of people to identify which configuration provided the best feel, stability and comfort.

The result?

After four years – which involved researching and testing coil hypotheses, prototyping of the new coil on a US prototype machine, hand assembling the new coils into spring units, testing and evaluating these against current spring systems, building the machines in Australia to create and assemble the new coils and trialling them in-home – the new AlignSupport™ system, which is the most advanced core Posturepedic coil in history, was produced.

“We’re very proud that we innovated what was accepted as best-in-class technology here in Australia. We developed global IP and were able to translate that IP into demonstrably better mattress components that when combined with Elevate’s other design improvements, delivers a world-class sleep experience,” explained Daniel Green.

Advancing perfection beyond today's standard of perfection

As revolutionary as the AlignSupportTM coil was, the research and development team challenged product designers to evolve the comfort system that sits atop every Sealy Posturepedic Elevate spring unit.


The fibre, manufacturing and fabric design teams collaborated together to reconfigure the layering of Sealy’s proprietary ComfortCore® and natural fibre layers so they provide pressure relief to sleepers’ lower backs and are designed to work in concert to provide more restorative relaxation throughout the night.

In addition, the team designed new SmarTex® fabrics which deliver superior cooling and regulating temperature of the sleep surface.The redesigned patterns and colour ways evoke a streamlined aesthetic that hints at the superior performance and comfort Sealy Posturepedic Elevate delivers.

“We wanted to bring a new amazing product to the market and show consumers that not all beds are the same. It can be hard to understand what makes one bed different or better than another … Support, comfort and durability are still the ingredients to a great product, and through testing, we’ve been able to demonstrate that our Elevate mattress delivers this better than any product before.”

In the end, it’s simple: Posturepedic Technology is designed and developed to help maintain your body’s natural alignment, allowing you to stay relaxed and enjoy a better night’s sleep,” says Ben Whitaker, Product Manager at Sealy Australia.

Daniel takes this one step further, saying that the new Elevate mattress is “the most ‘Posturepedic’ Posturepedic we have ever launched.”

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