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W Brisbane, I love you. Here's why.

Writer and award-winning interior designer Lynn Malone spent a night at the new W Brisbane. Read more about her overnight stay below.

Lets go

The benefits of travel continue long after a trip becomes a distant memory. For starters, it broadens horizons, gives opportunities to learn from first-hand experiences and enhances your problem-solving skills.

Travel also affords a chance to break from your daily routine; sparking creativity and new ideas, and even reducing stress. In fact, scientific studies have proven: the less stress, the better the sleep. Comfortable bedding is a sleep enhancer, too, and Sealy is my go-to.

Take me home

While travelling is exuberant, coming home to sleep in your own bed with your own familiar pillow, is too. In most instances, this is my sentiment. However, from time to time there are exceptions. Do you recall a time when a hotel bed rivalled the comfort of your home bed?

I do.


Why I love W Brisbane

Only the best is good enough

In mid-2018, the trendy W Brisbane opened to rave reviews as the W Hotels Worldwide returned to Australian shores. A recent overnight stay was topped off by a blissful night of sleep reminiscent of home, sweet home.

With guest rooms named Wonderful, Spectacular, Marvellous and Fantastic; and guest suites named WOW and Extreme WOW, the W Brisbane accolades are well-deserved. When only the best will do. It was not surprising to discover that the W Brisbane chose Sealy Posturepedic mattresses for its guest rooms and celebrity suites.

Rooms that put you in control

In addition to the luxuriously comfortable Sealy mattress paired with sumptuously crisp bed linens, light control is a second determinant and contributory toward a restful night's sleep. Indeed, W Brisbane ticked this box too.

The guest room window coverings are motorised and controlled by a headboard-mounted control panel. With one tap of a button, the sheer curtains or black-out draperies effortless open or close and manage the outside lights.

Rest assured, rest is assured

The third factor toward good sleep is restful surrounds, and the W Brisbane delivers this in spades. Restful surrounds are achieved when everything has its place and an environment seems to magically self-organise.

Mind you, being restful is not synonymous with boring; the W Brisbane's artistically-curated guest rooms are infact the antithesis of boring. In the guest room of the W Brisbane, the design is in simpatico with the function, both of which excude a sense of well-being and relation. It is indeed a sweet dream, being snuggled up on a Sealy W Brisbane.

Having said that...

Home, I miss you and love you too.

About the author: Lynn Malone is an award-winning interior designer, writer and taste maker. A previous columnist for The Sun-Herald and The Sunday-Age 'Sunday Life', her design projects have featured in multiple design, lifestyle and travel publications including Grand Design, Home Design and LuxeGetaways.

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