Your Posturepedic mattress is one-sided, made with layers that perform best when used properly. You may rotate your mattress 180 degrees but do not flip it over. Sealy mattresses are not designed for use on both sides.

For the first three months, aim to rotate your mattress once a fortnight; you should then continue to rotate it once every three months. Maintaining a regular rotation schedule will ensure even wear across the sleep surface and prolong the life of your mattress.

Posturepedic mattresses

Posturepedic mattresses are constructed with specific layers that provide comfort and support throughout the night. The top portion of the mattress features cushioning foam layers and quilt fibres. The supportive coils are beneath these layers in a unit.

If you were to flip the mattress over, you would be compromising the comfort and performance of the mattress. In addition, some of our coils are designed to respond as pressure is applied, compressing the uniquely shaped springs from top to bottom, and are not designed to work upside down.


What are the types of mattresses that require flipping?

Flipping a mattress is intended to distribute the wear more evenly, minimising body impressions or idents and prolonging the comfort life of the mattress overall.

Mattresses that may be flipped are considered reversible. They usually have the same amount of firmness on either side, often due to identical layers or all-foam constructions. This is not the case for every foam mattress — check the manufacturer’s website or the care tips attached to your mattress if you are unsure.

How to rotate your Posturepedic mattress

Before getting started, remove your bedding and any coverings from the mattress. Grasp the corners of the mattress and spin it clockwise 180˚. You may do this with it still lying on the base if suitable, avoiding the need to lift the mattress.

Ideally, this action should be performed by two people to avoid injury. Note that handles, if fitted, should only be used only to position the mattress, not to lift or carry it. Align the mattress with the base once in place.

Diagram on how to rotate your mattress

How often should you rotate your mattress?

We recommend regularly rotating your mattress to ensure even wear across the surface. It may be helpful to remember to do this with the changing season, or once a quarter. However, aim to rotate it more frequently in the first few months after purchase.

  • First 3 months — rotate every fortnight
  • Continue to rotate once every 3 months

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FAQs about flipping or rotating your mattress

Can Sealy Posturepedic mattresses be flipped?

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are one-sided and should not be flipped. Instead, you can rotate the mattress on a regular basis to ensure linger-lasting comfort.

Should I rotate my Posturepedic mattress?

Yes, you should aim to rotate your Posturepedic mattress once a fortnight for the first three months, and then once every three months thereafter.

Can you flip a non-flip mattress?

You should avoid flipping a non-flip mattress, as they are not designed to be used on both sides. Often, the layers on the top are vastly different to the foams or springs at the bottom. Flipping it is likely to cause discomfort, poor support and may damage the mattress.

What are the benefits of flipping a mattress?

Flipping a mattress prevents the surface from forming impressions or the layers settling only in one spot. It distributes weight more evenly and prolongs the life of the mattress, but it is important to check whether your mattress is able to be flipped, or if it is one-sided.