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Benefits of Napping

Napping to renew the mind.

Sealy wants you to have a great night’s sleep, but what about those delightful naps during the day? Unbelievably, the benefits of having a short 20 minutes of extra winks per day are already known world wide, with many cultures having already adopted naps as the norm. For example, Italy instills riposo (meaning 'rest') while Spain respects siesta time. Culturally, many other countries have also normalised napping as an acceptable, often expected, practice. Mexico even closes businesses for a few hours in the extreme afternoon heat for a siesta. 

Throughout the world, companies are recognising napping as necessary to enhanced productivity and creativity, with some even implementing scheduled nap times in the workplace. Naps can help to clear our mind from information overload and allow our brains to recharge and solve complicated problems. Preventing burnout and improving your mood, napping also ups our chances for increased health and decreased weight gain by decreasing cortisol levels in our blood. Aside from being a better employee, naps can help us live longer and enjoy a life of improved wellbeing. So jump on your Sealy mattress and flop down for a guilt free, life renewing nap today!

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