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The Sealy Sleep Census

Sealy in conjunction with the CQUniversity Sleep Centre have conducted Australia's largest and most comprehensive sleep study ever, exploring the sleep habits of the nation and painting a detailed picture of exactly how well Australians are sleeping.

Over 13,000 Australians responded, revealing a sleep-deprived nation with the vast majority of people (96%) waking up tired from their sleep with just 4% saying they feel refreshed.

Some other surprising findings:

  • People who exercised reported falling asleep faster than people who don't exercise.
  • Overall, people who owned a Sealy Posturepedic mattress reported a greater level of satisfaction with the mattress than those who owned any other brand
  • 8.9% reported that their pets sleep on the bed with them, nearly double the amount that reported their children sleeping in bed with them (4.8%)
  • The most popular activities in bed (aside from sleep and intimacy) are using the computer (78%), reading (60%), watching TV (36%) and organising or folding clothing (32%).

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