Dispose of old mattress

If you are wondering how to dispose of an old mattress for free, consider your alternatives before simply discarding it. You may wish to recycle or donate it, instead. Organisations such as Recycle My Mattress are working with recyclers to divert mattresses from landfill and recover as many of the components as possible.


Book a collection with an approved recycler.


These approved recyclers accept mattress drop-offs.

Australia has a Bedding and Stewardship Council (the ABSC) who approves recyclers with environmentally responsible processes. We have listed their services above. Please note that these organisations usually charge a fee for collection or drop-off services. They do so in order to cover the costs of transport, recycling and cleaning of the mattresses for reuse. 

More options for mattress disposal

Planet Ark has launched a scheme to help make recycling facilities more accessible for everyone. Their website Recycling Near You lists mattress collection services and drop-off locations, organised by council areas. 

How to dispose of your mattress

How to dispose of an old mattress for free

While recycling your mattress is the most environmentally friendly option, it does involve a small cost. If this is not ideal, there are two ways to dispose of your mattress for free.

Donate your mattress

If your mattress is in good condition and free of stains, you may opt to donate it to a good cause. There are a number of organisations and charities who accept mattresses. These include:

In Queensland, Lifeline offer a pick-up service for large items, including mattresses. Some Vinnies and Salvos stores will collect furniture in good condition, as well.

Though not a free option, residents of Sydney may pay a small fee to BedCollect, who collect, refurbish and donate old mattresses.


There are some councils who offer free collection and disposal of bulky items, including mattresses. Examples include the City of Sydney, the City of Townsville and the City of Onkaparinga, among many others. 

You may also wish to check with your local council when the next kerbside collection is scheduled. Do consider, however, that local councils are not always able to recycle old mattresses; in some cases, the collections are taken directly to landfill.

FAQs about mattress disposal

Do local councils collect old mattresses?

Some local councils will collect your old mattress free of charge. It is best to contact your local council or visit their website to see if they offer a collection service in your area.

Do charities accept mattresses?

Yes, many charities accept mattresses in Australia. Several will collect your mattress for a small fee, while others offer drop-off locations. Read our article for more information.

How do I get rid of a bad mattress for free?

If your mattress is in poor condition, you may either recycle it (usually with a small processing fee), or dispose of it for free. Some local councils offer a free pickup service, while most have an annual kerbside collection.

What do I do with my old mattress Australia?

We have several organisations in Australia dedicated to keeping mattresses out of landfill. If you have an old mattress, you can either recycle it with one of these organisations, donate it to charity or dispose of it via your local council or a rubbish removalist. 

Can you put mattress in a skip?

You should not place a mattress in a privately owned or public skip. It is best to hire your own skip if you are disposing of multiple items, and check with your chosen business if they accept mattresses.