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It can be difficult to dispose of mattresses thoughtfully, especially since they are big, bulky objects. We have prepared a guide for mattress recycling to help you with the process, including some information on why this is important.

The importance of mattress recycling

Australia disposes of 1.8 million mattresses every year. Most of these end up in landfill, while many are dumped illegally in sites across the community. Mattress disposal is a significant environmental problem, and one that several organisations are working hard to address. We believe strongly in mattress recycling, which is why we are a member of the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council.

Part of their efforts is to promote a circular economy of bedding. The ABSC strives to improve processes from the beginning — from product design and manufacturing through to how we consume and repair our mattresses. They also support the community, helping to provide sustainable job opportunities in mattress collection and recycling.

How the Process of Mattress Recycling Works

Some recyclers, like Soft Landing, are able to repurpose up to 75% of the materials in a mattress. For example:

  • Steel springs can be converted to steel roof components
  • Foam layers are recycled into carpet underlays
  • Textiles end up in various products, such as acoustic panelling
  • Timber can be reused for kindling and mulch.

It is important that we try to repurpose as much as we can, in order to keep the industry sustainable and help to protect the environment. Here at Sealy, we recycle our parts and components as much as possible. You can read more about our sustainability and recycling efforts, and learn how we address mattress longevity.

Soft landing mattress recycling

Learn more about Soft Landing mattress recycling and the options available for old mattress removal.

Tips on how to recycle your mattress

There are several options when it comes to recycling your mattress, depending on where you live in Australia. Soft Landing mattress recycling offers an old mattress removal service to help you with this process.

Mattress collection

Residents of NSW, ACT, VIC or WA can book a mattress collection online. This service does have a fee of approximately $55 per piece, depending on your distance from the recycling centre. More information on mattress collection prices can be found here. In addition, some online retailers will remove old products when you make a purchase.

Mattress drop off and donation

Remote locations and residents of QLD can visit the Recycling Near You website, which lists recyclers, drop-off locations and collection services near your area. If your mattress is in good condition, it may be cleaned and donated to charities.

Mattress disposal guide

Read more about how to recycle or dispose of your mattress responsibly for free


We are proud to work with charities and organisations across Australia.