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What bed size should I get?

There are many situations that create the need for a new bed. Maybe you and your significant other are moving in together for the first time, or maybe you’re a parent, and you noticed your child’s feet hanging off the end of their bed. These are just a few of the many events that will inspire you to start shopping around. When this time comes, you’ll have to answer the question “What bed size should I get?”

In this article, we'll help you find the answer.

  • First, we will share the factors you should consider before making any decisions.
  • Then, we will explain each bed size, its dimensions, benefits, and who it’s good for.
  • By the end, you will be informed so you can make the right decision.

Let’s get started!

Considerations When Choosing a Bed Size

1. Who Will Be Sleeping In It?

To help narrow down your options, let's first think about who will use the bed. Is it for you and/or your partner, a child, guests that come to visit, or someone else? Think about how many people it needs to accommodate.

  • Children and teens can easily sleep on a single mattress, though often appreciate the width of a double or queen mattress.
  • While double mattresses can suit an adult or guests in a pinch, it's often more comfortable to offer a queen mattress in case two people need to sleep on the mattress. If deciding between the two, let your room size be your guide (see below).
  • Singles and smaller couples find they have plenty of room on a queen mattress, but it's best to be sure. One helpful hint: this size is often the most common in retail showrooms, so you can easily judge its size by visiting a retailer near you.
  • King mattresses are good options for taller persons or for couples who prefer extra room, especially if little ones like to hop into bed with mum or dad.

2. How Much Space is Available?

Next, how much space do you have? This is obviously very important as the bed will need to fit comfortably into the room where it will be used. Consider the amount of space required for comfortable living, factoring in clearance for doors and drawers, walking around the perimeter of your bed frame and other furnishings., and leaving enough room to rotate your mattress without hitting walls. About 75–90 cm clearance or more on 2-3 sides is ideal.

In our handy guide below, you will find mattress measurements for each bed size. It can be helpful to get an understanding for how a bed will fit into your room by marking out the dimensions on the floor using tape. Then you will be able to visually see which sizes will fit well.

3. How Much Can You Spend?

Like any major purchase, you need to set a budget. Beds can range widely in price depending on a few factors. As can be expected, the larger the bed, the more it will cost. However, you will run into other variables including the craftsmanship of the bed and the quality of the mattress. To ensure you find the right fit, run the numbers and identify your spending allowance up front.

4. What Are Your Current and Future Needs?

Lastly, be sure to consider your current needs as well as your potential needs for the years to come. For example, you may be thinking of purchasing a Single bed for your child. However, a few years down the road, they are likely going to outgrow it and need more room. With that in mind, you may want to consider a King Single or Double. This can help you to save money in the long run.

Now that you know what all should be considered, let’s take a closer look at the bed size options.

Bed Size Options

In this section, we are going to cover the following seven sizes.

  • Single
  • Single XL
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Super King

We’ll start with the smallest and move up to the largest.

Mattress Size Guide

Single and Single XL Bed Size 

Single Mattress Size

The Single mattress measures 1900 mm (74.8") long and 915 mm (36") wide. A Single XL is the same width, but is 2030 mm (79.9") long, adding an extra 130 mm (5.1").


The main benefit of these sizes is that they take up a minimal amount of space. The result is that they are easy to move and can fit in small rooms. They are also the most inexpensive, which can be helpful when you’re on a tight budget.

Who it’s good for

A single bed is recommended for young children. It offers enough space for them to move around when asleep while leaving plenty of room for other activities when they are awake. If you have two kids, you can usually fit two of these beds in one room without cramping the space. Aside from children, this size is good when you want to furnish a spare bedroom to sleep two adults separately. You can then push the beds together for couples who visit. It can also suit the needs of an adult staying in a room with limited space, like a college student for example. In the case where adults are likely to be using the bed most often, the single XL is recommended to give the extra length needed for their height. While these beds are small, you can still equip them with a high-quality mattress that ensures a comfortable night’s rest for whoever sleeps on them.

King Single Bed Size 

A King single is nice for when you want to get an inexpensive bed with more room than a standard single.

King Single Mattress Size

The mattress for this bed size measures 1065 mm (41.9") wide and 2030 mm (79.9") long. With this option, you get the same length as the Single XL with an additional 150 mm (5.9") of width.


This bed will still fit well into rooms with limited space but offers the extra width to allow for more movement. It’s a nice medium if a Single is too small and a Double is too big.

Who it’s good for

The King Single bed will likely be suitable for a child all the way through their teenage years. It provides the extra length and width to support them until they are ready to move out and get their own bed. They may even take this with them to their first home or apartment. With this being the case, if you are considering a bed for your child and their room is small to medium-sized, this should fit them now and in the years to come. It can also work well to sleep one person in a guest room as it will give a tad more space than the Single.

Double Bed Size

The Double is also commonly called a Full size, and is a step up from the Single King option.

Double Mattress Size

How wide is a double bed? A Double bed mattress is 1385 mm (54.2") wide and 1900 mm (74.8") long. It’s important to note that it’s 220 mm (8.7") wider than the King Single but 130 mm (5.1") shorter.


This bed size can sleep two people comfortably while taking up a minimal amount of space. It can also allow more room for a single person.

Who it’s good for

The double bed is perfect for a single person looking to sleep in luxury. It will also be good for a child who moves around a lot in their sleep and who tends to roll off of the smaller sized beds. The width allows for one person to spread out without hanging off the end. Likewise, it works well for couples who are working with limited floor space. It provides enough room for two people to sleep, however, it will keep you fairly close together. If you are furnishing a small to medium-sized guest room, it’s the smallest size that will comfortably sleep two people.

Queen Bed Size 

Going up in size, the next option is going to be the Queen.

Queen Mattress Size

The Queen bed dimensions require a mattress that is 1525 mm (60") wide and 2030 mm (79.9") long. The difference between double and queen beds is that you're looking at an extra 140 mm (5.5"). in width and 130 mm (5.1") in length.


The Queen really is a wonderful combination when it comes to comfort, size, and cost. This is especially true for couples. It gives you enough room to spread out when you want your personal space, but it keeps you close enough to reach your partner for snuggle time in the colder months. The Queen will fit nicely in most bedrooms without the worry of having to move or rearrange the existing furniture.

Who it’s good for

The Queen is perfect for a couple with an average-sized bedroom. They can sleep in the same bed without having to worry too much about disturbing each other when they move around. Single people also enjoy this size, when space and budget permit because it allows a bounty of room to spread out, toss and turn, or maybe even have a guest over.

King Bed Size 

The King size mattress is often the largest that a normal-sized room will accommodate.

King Mattress Size

The King size bed dimensions are impressive, requiring a mattress with a width of 1835 mm (72.2") and 2030 mm in length (79.9"). The difference between king and queen size beds is an extra 310mm (12.2") in width.


The benefit of this bed is that it allows for two people to fully stretch out and turn without disturbing one another. It's basically like having two beds in one. As long as you have enough space in your bedroom and enough money in your budget, this is going to be the most luxurious new bed option.

Who it’s good for

Single people with large bedrooms that really want to spoil themselves will love the King mattress and bed. It is also excellent for couples that can't seem to find enough space in a Queen size bed. There is about an extra metre in width that allows for married people or partners to have their own personal space during sleeping hours. Another situation a King is good for is when you have kids or pets that you let sleep with you. With a King size mattress, there will be enough space for you, your partner, your babies, and even your four-legged friends to get a good night's rest.

Super King Bed Size

Last but not least, the Super King size. This is the biggest size generally offered by manufacturers, for those who want a bed bigger than a king size.

Super King Mattress Size

The Super King size bed dimensions are impressive, requiring a mattress with a width of 2030 mm (80'') and 2030 mmm (80'') in length.


The benefit of this bed is that it allows for two people to fully stretch out and turn without disturbing one another. It's basically like having two beds in one. As long as you have enough space in your bedroom and enough money in your budget, this is going to be the most luxurious new bed option.

Who it’s good for

If you and/or your partner like to sprawl out, a Super King size mattress is an excellent choice, particularly for taller persons or couples who can't seem to find enough space in a King size bed. Another situation a Super King is good for is when you have a really large bedroom as well as kids or pets that like to hop into bed with you.With a Super King size mattress, there will be enough space for you, your partner, your babies, and even your four-legged friends to get a good night's rest.

And that wraps up the bed options you can choose from.

Find Your Perfect Fit!

Now you have all the information that you need to decide on the perfect bed for your specific situation.

Remember to take the following into consideration:

  • Your budget. How much do you have to spend on your new bed, mattress, and all the fixings?
  • Your space. How much room do you have available in the bedroom that is going to hold the new bed?
  • The person. Who the bed is going to be for? What is their current height and life situation?
  • The future. What are the foreseeable future needs of the person who will use the bed?

Once you have these figured out, you will be able to review and compare the bed size options to find the one that will best suit your needs.

Still unsure about which option is going to be the best for you? Not to worry, head over and take advantage of our mattress selector tool. It will help to make your decision easier by determining what’s most important to you and providing a recommendation based on your needs.


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