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I have been a long-time customer of Sealy and recently decided to upgrade to a Sealy Crown Jewel mattress. All I can say is WOW! The level of comfort and support that Crown Jewel has to offer is amazing in providing a great night’s sleep.


July 2022

The best nights sleep I've ever had. I had always selected mattress' that were too soft, thinking that's what I needed! But after doing the on line questions about selecting your mattress, I found the perfect mattress and have not looked back. Thank you

Prue F

October 2022

The comfort level is excellent. The different adjustments work well. Definitely worth the money. The 2 King Singles work well and we both can have our own settings. No more waking up with back pain every morning.

David H

January 2023

Amazing bed and fantastic service so glad I chose my Crown Jewel Elegance Ultra Plush Queen size mattress. Very comfortable and I am sleeping so much better now. I will never look back

Leanne C

June 2023

We have had a Sealy Crown Jewel amazing product -for many years, it has stood the test of time. Comfort and luxury all at once, no back issues - a comfortable sleep every single night. Well Done Sealy, you have a premium product.

Jo K

January 2022

The Allure plush mattress is luxuriously soft on top with a perfect underlying supportive base. Both of us have back problems which have been non existent since getting this mattress. Very little sleep disturbance when partner gets up during the night. We have only had the mattress for a few weeks, no sagging at this point.

Lyn, South East QLD

October 2021

We bought new mattresses for our children and they can't stop raving about their new beds. As parents, it's been a godsend! They just love cuddling up at nighttime and it's so good to know their growing bodies are so well supported as they sleep.

Susannah, South East QLD

November 2021

The Sealy Crown Jewel mattress is the most comfortable mattress that I have slept on. This quality and well made mattress provides firm support right up to the edges and I am having the best night sleep in ages!

David, South East QLD

November 2020

I'm just loving my Sealy Crown Jewel Insignia Plush. It has the perfect balance of support and comfort. I used to wake often during the night because I was restless and in pain with my back and hips and now I maybe only wake once but never due to pain. I've never been that kind of person to stay in bed when I wake but now I don't want to get out. My sleep quality has improved and my mobility when I wake is substantially better and I'm not feeling as hot in bed either.

Heather G, Melbourne

February 2021

We just love our bed, its amazing how much better you feel after a good night sleep. My husband has a bad back and since changing to this mattress, he has slept so much better.

Julie K, QLD

July 2021

My wife and I recently purchased this bed and its fantastic. I couldn't believe the difference a good bed makes to getting a good night sleep and our back and neck issues are a thing of the past.

William M

July 2021

I thought we had a nice mattress until we have the Crown Jewel. It's simply SUBLIME! Firm and comfortable. It has really helped our backs and improved our sleep immeasurably! I highly recommend it.

Cunxin Li, South East QLD

September 2021

We went in search of a supportive bed to help ease my stiff back and after a bit of research and shop testing of various options, decided to purchase the top of the line Sealy Crown Jewel mattress. It was firm, comfortable and luxurious. From the first nights sleep, the difference was immediate. I could feel the support on every part of my body (I am a side sleeper) and I woke up with significantly less back pain. My husband, who is mostly a back sleeper, also found the support excellent. It’s definitely worth investing in a quality bed, a good nights sleep is priceless!

Killenit, Brisbane

October 2019

Could not say enough about our King Crown Jewel Allure Plush. Purchased a second Allure Plush Queen as we are downsizing. Apart from being so comfortable & supportive, we wake up feeling so refreshed and that is how it should be. Sealy have their own research and development department and really know how to produce a brilliant product. Wouldn’t consider any other brand.

Kristine, QLD

October 2019