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I am extremely happy with this mattress in combination with the adjustable bed frame, I never realised how much an impact having the right mattress would make - I wake up feeling fresh and relaxed and comfortable every single morning since purchase. So far this mattress is as good as new with no signs of sag or distortion from adjustable base settings. Highly recommend


October 2022

This is like heaven. I couldn’t be happier with my adjustable and massage bed, it is so comfortable plus the massage option is a bonus.


February 2023

I got a new mattress for in laws when they moved to their ground floor flat. They love it and sleeping better in it. Great value mattress.

Dave B

March 2023

I was after a softer mattress to help with a sore shoulder, and the Sealy one seemed to be best. After having it a home for two months, it has been successful. Perfect mattress for a comfortable sleep.

Trevor S

March 2023

I should have bought this mattress & base a long time ago! I am now sleeping better and feel that my left arm is better supported, which has had some loss of feeling and strength, due a health issue. The bed is easy to manoeuvre on sliders and therefor easier to make.

David A

June 2023

Purchased this from Beds Australia 11 months ago, so it's time to share my feedback. This was an upgrade from my previous Sealy Posturepedic that was purchased 20 years ago. Sadly, mattresses are not reversible any more, but that's okay. But it was time to upgrade as I was starting to get sore neck and back sleeping on it. My Elevate mattress is firm (just like my previous mattress), although it took about a week to get used to it - no more sore back, slept like a baby and my other half loves it too.

Max K

June 2023

This would be the most comfortable mattress that I have ever slept on. I've woken regularly in the past with body aches and pains, since purchasing this product it has been somewhat reduced and have on most occasions slept through the night. Another positive to note is that I usually have trouble regulating my body temperature but with this mattress I've had no issues. Without a doubt I would recommend this product. Best nights sleep ever!


June 2023

WOW just WOW. Just got my new mattress and all I can say is how amazing it feels. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.


June 2023

No doubt the reason for a better nights sleep than I have been used to.

Dougals D

June 2023

After a few nights adjusting to our new Sealy exquisite mattress I would have to say we love it. I have gone from someone who would be up at 3am to now often struggling to get up by 6am because this mattress is so luxurious and comfy. Highly recommend

Eva K

June 2023

I bought the Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Heritage Mattress for my mum. I've asked how she is coping with this new mattress as she is a very light sleeper and hasn't replaced her mattress in 15 years! Safe to say she is loving it and says it is incredibly comfortable, and she doesn't feel the springs like in her old one.

Alyssa K

March 2020

I have slept on a Sealy bed for a long time just recently received a new Sealy and also one for my daughter. She has a king single and I have the queen. We have had such an amazing sleeps on our new beds. The mattress is very comfortable and supportive. My old Sealy belonged to my grandfather and our family had years of service for and endurance out of that mattress. I am sure these new bed will last as long. Thank you Sealy Kind regards Duncan


August 2020

Exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Previous back issues have positively disappeared in 6 weeks! Easy to adjust to get out of bed and the quality of our sleep has been life changing. No issues at all and service from Sealy/delivery was 5 star!

M Kenny, South East QLD

July 2021