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A firm supportive mattress so nice to have a new bed we are happy with our choice and the Sealy Posturepedic product amazing thank you Sealy for designing such a great mattress.

Raema, Melbourne

March 2021

We are so happy with our Sealy Exquisite Tuscany mattress purchased from Snooze Jindalee. We have had this mattress since 2016, till date it still provides excellent support and giving us a great night sleep! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a good night's sleep.

Barbara, South East QLD

April 2021

My husband and I purchased a king Vienna Plush from Harvey Norman, (after trying every bed from every store!) We opted for the adjustable base and I just love everything about it! We upgraded in size because we have a new baby and needed some extra space, with the little sleep we are getting now, the quality is 10/10. I am so happy with our bed and the whole experience with Sealy from the specialist in store to the delivery team. We have had our bed for 5 months now. If you're thinking of getting a new bed, I highly recommend.

Jdee, South East QLD

May 2021

The Sealy Crown Jewel mattress is the most comfortable mattress that I have slept on. This quality and well made mattress provides firm support right up to the edges and I am having the best night sleep in ages!

David, South East QLD

November 2020

I'm just loving my Sealy Crown Jewel Insignia Plush. It has the perfect balance of support and comfort. I used to wake often during the night because I was restless and in pain with my back and hips and now I maybe only wake once but never due to pain. I've never been that kind of person to stay in bed when I wake but now I don't want to get out. My sleep quality has improved and my mobility when I wake is substantially better and I'm not feeling as hot in bed either.

Heather G, Melbourne

February 2021

We just love our bed, its amazing how much better you feel after a good night sleep. My husband has a bad back and since changing to this mattress, he has slept so much better.

Julie K, QLD

July 2021

My wife and I recently purchased this bed and its fantastic. I couldn't believe the difference a good bed makes to getting a good night sleep and our back and neck issues are a thing of the past.

William M

July 2021

I thought we had a nice mattress until we have the Crown Jewel. It's simply SUBLIME! Firm and comfortable. It has really helped our backs and improved our sleep immeasurably! I highly recommend it.

Cunxin Li, South East QLD

September 2021

I bought the Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Heritage Mattress for my mum. I've asked how she is coping with this new mattress as she is a very light sleeper and hasn't replaced her mattress in 15 years! Safe to say she is loving it and says it is incredibly comfortable, and she doesn't feel the springs like in her old one.

Alyssa K

March 2020

I have slept on a Sealy bed for a long time just recently received a new Sealy and also one for my daughter. She has a king single and I have the queen. We have had such an amazing sleeps on our new beds. The mattress is very comfortable and supportive. My old Sealy belonged to my grandfather and our family had years of service for and endurance out of that mattress. I am sure these new bed will last as long. Thank you Sealy Kind regards Duncan


August 2020

Exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Previous back issues have positively disappeared in 6 weeks! Easy to adjust to get out of bed and the quality of our sleep has been life changing. No issues at all and service from Sealy/delivery was 5 star!

M Kenny, South East QLD

July 2021

We went in search of a supportive bed to help ease my stiff back and after a bit of research and shop testing of various options, decided to purchase the top of the line Sealy Crown Jewel mattress. It was firm, comfortable and luxurious. From the first nights sleep, the difference was immediate. I could feel the support on every part of my body (I am a side sleeper) and I woke up with significantly less back pain. My husband, who is mostly a back sleeper, also found the support excellent. It’s definitely worth investing in a quality bed, a good nights sleep is priceless!

Killenit, Brisbane

October 2019