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Customer care team were amazing from beginning to end. Very professional team with a very positive outcome. Would highly recommend this company.


January 2021

We purchased a Sealy from Snooze and after sleeping on it for a month we realized that we had selected one that was too firm for us. We were surprised and relieved to learn that Sealy offer a comfort adjustment service on their mattresses which was very reasonably priced and we went ahead with booking the change. The customer care team were excellent from beginning to end. A really prompt, professional and friendly team who performed everything they said they would in the timeframe they said they would. We now have a much more comfortable mattress that suits us! I highly recommend Sealy for your mattress, we will never buy any other from now!

Megan, VIC

January 2021

After purchasing our new Sealy ensemble, we were most impressed with the quality of construction and its superbly plush feel. However we desired a firmer feel, and after consultation with Donna, we were able to have our mattress expertly modified to our desired firmness. This was all done with expert advice and constant communications during the process .All with Covid occuring, and us living in SW Victoria, not in Melb. Everything was done to our absolute satisfaction, which is wonderful in an age where quality and service are hard to come by. Thankyou to Donna, and thankyou to Sealy. We would recommend these great people and their Products to anyone.


June 2021

We had a great experience purchasing a Sealy bed base and mattress. We went to two stores with Sealy representatives and both provided us with excellent insights and tried to find the right bed for us rather than just trying to sell us the most expensive and top of the line. The purchasing process was also so easy and the customer service that was provided was excellent. We received the bed within in a week of purchase and are so happy with the mattress. We are both sleeping better and very happy we made the investment in Sealy.


July 2021

I had the need to contact Sealy recently for a warrantee issue that turned out to be for a different branded product. The whole experience from lodging the claim, to the virtual inspection was well organised and communicated. Once we realised that the product was not a Sealy product, the Customer Care Agent, Beverley went above and beyond to help me locate the correct supplier and even contacted them on my behalf to explain what had occurred. I am so grateful for exceptional customer service these days as it appears to be rarer and rarer. Thank you Sealy and thank you Beverley, you are an asset to the company.


July 2021

Had a very easy process in purchasing my new Sealy Aspen plush mattress, and an amazing experience organizing a pain free delivery.

Braidan O, QLD

July 2021

My whole experience with the Sealy team was great. They were very helpful over the phone and provided options for my situation. They even helped putting on my new bed legs which I was not expecting so very pleasantly surprised.

Carlie, South East QLD

July 2021

I didn’t believe service like this existed any more. We had a comfort adjustment on our new Allure mattress and the service was just out of this world. Our mistake in the first place but Sealy went out of their way to help. Now we love our new mattress.

Janet C, VIC

July 2021

Jayden was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about Sealy products. The bed we had used for almost 6 years, will buy another in the upgraded range soon.

Robin Y

August 2021

To be treated with respect and and given information by people who obviously care about giving good service. The collectors were well trained and pleasant to deal with. They even apologised for being 1/2 an hour early.


August 2021

Sealy beds never disappoint and this mattress is nice and firm Whilst still being very comfortable. We also have the space saver base which has 4 giant drawers to store linen or clothes which is wonderful.

Ruby H

September 2020

I spent months looking for the right mattress. And I finally found it. I have a number of health issues including joint issues so I needed a really supportive and comfortable mattress. The team and snooze in Launceston, Tasmania were so wonderful and especially Sofie, she was completely honest and helpful with my selection the first time I walked into the store to the day I walked back in a few months later and made the purchase. I've had the mattress about a week and I've been sleeping soo much better I can honestly say for me it was money well spent (on sale) and I highly recommend snooze Launceston for your next mattress or bedding purchase.

Kiely, TAS

September 2020